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Copy of Dynamic Leadership Course for Emerging Leaders

A new idea for Inclsuive learning for disengaged students by Robert Samuels and Greg Cousen.

ted kennedy

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Dynamic Leadership Course for Emerging Leaders

Increasing engangement in seclusion using new technologies.
By Robert Samuels and Greg Cousen Edlounge Behaviour Online Flicker Popplet Wikipedia BBC Bitesize To allow the students to find pictures that they can use in their work Students will use this to build
mind-maps. To do their reaserch. To do revision. History of the Seclusion Unit A Typical Day A student will arrive
at the Achievement Centre
with their parents have the
reason why they are in seclusion explained to them and sign a behavioural contract. Their day will then start Lesson 1 - Mathematics (08:45-10:15) Lesson 2 - Ethics/Optional unit (10:15 - 11:30) Lesson 3 (cont) : - English (13:00-13:30) Here a short clip of an ethics lesson avaiable to students. Lesson 4: - Behaviour Online (13:30 - 15:00) Lesson 3: - English (11:30 - 12:30) Lunch 12:30 - 13:00 Issues Type of work undertaken
in the centre Behavioural Issues Disengaged in Education Layout of room Communication The Seclusion unit inside the Achievement Centre is where Academy students are sent if they display behaviour, either inside the classroom or outside the classroom, that requires greater sanction than a detention but does not warrent an exclusion. Work was not set to the level of the student and was not always relevant to what they were doing in lessons Our Concept Solutions Where Have we come from There are a number of issues with the
current system running they are Repeat offenders The layout of the room did not
help the behvaiour of the
students as the design of it lead to
conforntation between students. Communication between the
two sites was not always effective
this led to staff not always knowing
what was going on with students who
were sent to seclusion. The layout of the room was not always beneficial
to the students and caused confrontation beween the
students and the staff Our vision was to create an online interactive world enabling learners to be fully emerged in a learning environment while in seclusion. This will engage students in work at an appropriate level that follows the school curriculum. Layout of room Before and after Communication The Problem with communication was solved using Web2 technology to
create a Googledocs document that allowed staff to
show what sanctions were being placed on students Problems that we faced Technology RealSmart RealSmart allows teachers to upload their lessons so they can easily be accessed and downloaded by their students. The Technologies that we are
going to use to help students
reach their potenital are: - Edlounge Edlounge allows students to learn English and Science
Leveled to their own abilities. When students have finished doing their lesson they will have earned points. These can be used to either play games or in the enterprise
section and invested to make more points. Mathletics MyMaths MyMaths and Mathletics allows students to work on maths
work that is leveled to their abilities a teacher can set their
lesson based around what they are doing in school that day
so they will not miss out on the work carried out in the class. Behaviour Online Behaviour online gives a student the oportunity to look at their behaviour thathas caused them to be removed from school for that day. This work will be carried out as a group to allow for Co-operative learning to take place. Other programmes that are going to be used are: - Popplet Popplet can be used to allow students to create Mindmaps. Wikipedia Wikipedia will allow students to conduct
research. Flicker Flicker will allow students to look for pictures and photos that they can use in their projects. BBC Bitesize BBC Bitesize will allow students to do revision if they
have exams coming up. Plans for the future Remove School Refusers Whole School Local District Whole Country How this fits into the
school policy. Expect the best We expect the best behaviour from the students who use the achievement centre, and also we expect the students who use the seclusion room to achieve their potential, and they do this by producing the best
work possible Liberate talent We are going to liberate talent by
unlocking the student's potential and
ensuring that they do not fall behind
in their learning. Collaboration Although most of the
work that they will undertake
is indvidual and built to suit their needs
they will be collabotating when they
discuss how to improve their behaviour Believe nothing is impossible They can belive that they can change
their behaviour and succeed in school
and life. Living authentic relationships Creating excellent working relationships between students and staff as well as between the two sites at the school.
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