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North Figueroa Street Bike Lanes Meeting June 2014

Presenting on June 12, 2014 at Franklin High School

Elizabeth Gallardo

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of North Figueroa Street Bike Lanes Meeting June 2014

Next Steps:
Proposed Project Schedule:
Final approval
Work could begin as soon as July, 2014 and take a few weeks to complete
Project implementation

North Figueroa Street Bike Lanes
Avenue 50 to York Bl
Community Meeting
June 12, 2014

Photo: Nicolas Rodriguez
Bikeway Types
Bike lane
bike lane
Neighborhood Friendly
Bike Path
Cycle Track
Los Angeles Transportation Plans + Studies
1684 miles
Existing Bikeways
2010 Bike Plan Bikeways
Closing the Network Gap
But how?
Option 1
Original Project:
Buffered Bike Lanes

Safety for Everyone
Healthy Living +
Quality of Life

Social and Economic Benefits:
Community Connectivity

Figueroa Corridor Ranks in the top 5% of CA Communities that have the biggest pollution burden for the most vulnerable populations

Most of the pollution comes from Diesel and Particulate matter
Option 2
Sharrows only

Reducing Collisions
Bodies + Physical Activity
Air Quality
Childhood Obesity
Mobility Access
(Protected Lane)
Sharrows only
no reduction in collisions (vehicular or bike/pedestrian)
does not reduce speeding or calm traffic
provide no dedicated lane or protection to bicyclists
typically do not result in increased bicycle ridership
no additional congestion
no reduction of vehicle capacity on Figueroa or any adjacent streets
indicate proper lateral position of bicyclists, guiding bicyclists along a preferred route
remind all users to share the road
Buffered Bike Lanes
additional traffic congestion may lead to longer queues and traffic delay
41 second delay expected from 7-8am for Southbound traffic at York Bl
proven countermeasure to reduce collision rates
proven to discourage sidewalk riding, enhancing pedestrian experience
provides direct connectivity for bicyclists to and from origin and destination points along Figueroa Street
increase bicycle ridership over time
fills bicycle network gap
studies have shown increase in economic vitality from similar projects
LADOT Shared Lane Marking Study 2011
Conclusion + Recommendation
most effective on narrow single lane streets
less effective on arterials
Bike + Pedestrian
Killed +
Serverely Injured
Fully separated
bike facility:
encourages users
of all ages + abilities
Bikeways protected from traffic: encourages users
of all ages + abilities
Dedicated bike lane
Bikes share lane with
vehicular traffic
Option 3
Climbing Bike Lane for uphill traffic +
Sharrows for downhill traffic

Climbing Bike Lane and Sharrows
no separation of NB bike lane from motor vehicle traffic
no dedicated bike lane for downhill bicyclists
limited effect on speeding or traffic calming
may not attract users of all ages (8-80)
provides separate lane for bicycles headed uphill at much slower speeds than vehicular traffic
reduced traffic impacts due to sharrowed lane
Our Goals
Griffin Ave
Griffin Ave
Yucca St
LA River
South Figueroa
York Bl
Option 2
Sharrows only
Option 1
Buffered Bike Lanes
Option 3
Climbing Bike Lane + Sharrows
People on bikes have worked up an appetite-
Bikes are great for food and drink sales
People on bikes are also more likely to stop since they don't have to find parking
Bicycle infrastructure creates a buffer for people on the sidewalk, making streets more enjoyable for pedestrians
Organized bike rides like the NELA Tweed Ride appeal to riders of all ages, provide an opportunity to make new friends, and learn about your neighborhood
A study of York Bl found the bike lanes had no negative effect on local business
14 bicycle and 57 pedestrian related collisions reported - 6 fatal - in last 10 years
Vehicular Collisions
Community Connections in Highland Park
with Sharrows

109 vehicle collisions
March 2011
End of Year
June 2011
Ave 54
Ave 53
Ave 60
Ave 54
Ave 60
Ave 52
Ave 51
Ave 61
Current Condition:
2 Car Lanes Northbound + Southbound

Create safe and attractive streets
Increase visibility of and access to businesses
Increase foot traffic
Studies in many cities show increased retail sales
Local studies (York Bl) have shown bicycle-related road diets had no negative impact on retail sales (McCormick 2012)
Bicycles are Good for Business!
14 bicycle collisions
57 pedestrian collisions
6 fatal collisions
7 severe injuries
0 & 1 Car
Please submit a question form to Council Staff
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