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Critical Thinking 1

No description

Ashley Cook

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Critical Thinking 1

How to identify
information, ask
the right questions,
spot logical
yourself better,
see stuff coming. How to Understand Critical
Thinking Asking the Right Question What is Critical Thinking? Based on the information presented so far,
what question should you ask next? A Blue Sports Car A Red Minivan A Blue Sedan Imagine that you work
in a car dealership and
there are three vehicles
for Susan to choose from: Susan is buying a new vehicle for her family. Susan's favorite color is blue. Details about Susan Based on this information, which car should Susan buy? However, it is possible that more information might change the right choice for Susan.
What is the next question we should ask? To decide what question to ask next, review
the established information about Susan: -She's buying a vehicle

-The vehicle is for her family

-Her favorite color is blue What one word can you learn more information about that might change Susan's needs? Susan has a family of six. Everything
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