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Apollo Studio Academy Employer Day

The Academy at Shotton Hall/ East Durham College

Lindsay Maughan

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Apollo Studio Academy Employer Day

In groups share ideas for potential projects you may be able to commission

Sharing Ideas

Studio School students will spend a significant portion of their weekly time in real work. This will allow them to develop the skills and experience they need to succeed in their local labour market.

Gain enthusiastic staff, hard working staff

When attending the Studio School, students will follow much of the same practice that operates within a successful business.
Uniform will be smart business dress and reward and conduct schemes will be modelled on those commonly found in the workplace.

Build your workforce of the future – ensure that your local labour market develops the skills your business needs – grow your own!!
You can shape the next generation who will be your employees of the future – grow your own!!
Have control over how students link with your business from day one

Where are other studio schools?

Prof. David Leat – Newcastle University

Curriculum in the Community


Project Development Groups
Suggestions from you

Moving Forward

Some units include:
Working Safely in an Engineering Environment
Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering
Using and Communicating Technical Information
You could commission a health and safety leaflet for inducting students into your workplace

NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations

An example:

Unit 4 Principles of Customer Service
Understand how businesses provide customer service
Demonstrate appropriate customer service skills in different situations
A fact sheet on how to deal with different types of client

BTEC Level 2 Business

Unit 1 – Working Practices:
Health and safety at work
Rights and responsibilities at work
Unit 2
Task 1 – Work Experience
Evidence from practical work experience
Research into local and national employment opportunities
Task 2 – Enterprise Activity
Setting up and carrying out an enterprise activity – this could be a business ‘game’ organised with a local business or organisation

GCSE Level 1/2 Preparation for Working Life

For example:
Supporting students with evidence for qualifications in the workplace

Be one of the first companies in the region to support this new education model
Your business can get involved in developing the Apollo Studio Academy curriculum and bridging the gap between education and employment. Improve your bottom line - Studio School students can increase productivity and fill skills gaps.

What will you gain?

Based around a framework of skills

Studio School Curriculum

We need your expertise to develop our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the local (your needs)and national economy

Supporting Apollo Studio Academy Staff

Kelly Angus
Employer Perspective

Commissioning students to do ‘real life’ projects which can benefit your business.

Example: a product orientated project
How can I start/support a local business?
Develop a marketing campaign

How can you help?

Evidence for qualifications
What is Project Based Learning?
"Project based learning refers to students designing, planning, and carrying out an extended project that produces a publicly-exhibited output such as a product, publication, or exhibition."
Work that Matters: The Teacher's Guide to Project Based Learning (p.13)
Employers and Project Based Learning
Head of HR Services and Development
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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