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Mrs. Beast

No description

Yongjia Cheng

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Mrs. Beast

Mrs. Beast
Prologue (1)
Ten years later, Belle's father, Maurice, gets lost in the woods and enters the Beast's property by accident. Belle goes to search for him. (2)
Belle wanders into the West Wing, the one section of the castle deemed off-limits by the Beast. His anger scares her into the forest. Belle and the Beast begin bonding after he saves her from wolves.
Upon hearing that she misses her father, The Beast allows her to borrow his magic mirror. Belle sees that her father is dying in the woods. (3)
Gaston and the villagers attack the castle. Gaston wounds the Beast before falling off the rooftops himself. (4)
Decant: To pour
Quaff: To drink
Texas poker types:
Five and Seven Card Stud
Minotaur: A creature that is half-man, half-bull
Mongrel: An animal resulting from cross-breeding
Baize: A material used to cover billiard and card tables.
Cheroot: A cigarette with both ends open
Schnapps: A strong alcoholic drink resembling gin
1. k
2. g
3. q
4. u
5. n
6. d
7. a
8. p
9. t
10. h
11. l

12. c
13. o
14. v
15. s
16. b
17. i
18. e
19. r
21. j
22. m
23. f
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