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Inside the Cloud

Cloud Architecture at OpenStack Kingdom

Winn Thai

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Inside the Cloud

Building a private Cloud with OpenStack Chicken
In the Cloud Why you need to build a cloud??? Big question Cloud with OpenStack Architecture IaaS = Infrastructure as a service Provide Virtual Machines on Internet
configurable Operation Systems
image status control
Scalability (up and down)
storage scale
computing scale
Accessibility Requirements of a IaaS Cloud Image
Service Compute Object Store Authen
Keystone Admin Interface
Dashboard Compute API Network Compute MAIN COMPONENTS IT Operator App Users Attach disk drives Setup/ configure LAN Create/run instances Features to main components Volume MAIN FEATURES manages the creation, attaching, and detaching of persistent volumes to compute instances volumes from a variety of providers such as iSCSI or AoE Lab Deployment model Ultimate Mission:
Provide a massive scalable and redundant object store. Tie the Swift Architecture.
Expose public API. Account: Contains listings of containers.

Containers: Contains listings of objects.

Object: a simple bolb storage server to store, retrieve and delete objects in local devices. Inside each Ring Replicator Prevent single point of failure.

Compare local data with each remote copy to ensure they all contain the latest version.

Ensures that data is removed from the system. (A tombstone is set as item latest version) Updater Process failed updates which is queued locally on filesystem

Ensure that all updates will be processed (Eventually consistent). Auditor Crawl the local server checking the integrity of the objects, containers, and accounts.

If corruption is found, the replicator will replace bad file from another replica. Able to store, retrieve and delete objects
Support large objects
Support object version Object PUT Data Versioned

Container <versions_container>/<length><object_name>/<timestamp> Object versioning Create 1G 1G 1G 1G 2G testcontainer_segments/large_file/1290206778.25/21474836480/00000001 testcontainer_segments/large_file/1290206778.25/21474836480/00000000 <name>/<timestamp>/<size>/<segment> swift download test_container large_file 1G 2G swift upload test_container -S 1073741824 large_file Large Object Support organize virtual disk images

provide end-2-end solution for cloud disk image management Main tasks:
quering image
deleting image

Work with Nova-api and Swift-proxy

Work with lower components just image label and property
image label: disk format, size...
image property: metadata about the image proper image is not HERE Options to store an image Amazon S3: via S3-api to connect the S3 service (get or delete only)
HTTP location
Local machine or Local network's NFS servers
Preferred: Swift - Store, Get, Delete References All architecture information and images in this presentation are taken from books, links below: Ken Pepple, "Deploying OpenStack", O'Relly Press, 2011
OpenStack project site - openstack.org
OpenStack, "OpenStack Compute Administration Manual", 2011 Questions and Comments Nhi Nguyen Nguyen Thai Hiep Le Enterprise http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1324280 You want the benefits that cloud computing offer IT Operator End User 1G 1G 1G 1G 2G 2G Source:
http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/comparing-public-private-and-hybrid-cloud-computin.html So, start building your own cloud Your business is your data and your applications.

Your business is part of an industry that must conform to strict security and data privacy issues.

Your company is large enough to run a next generation cloud data center efficiently and effectively on its own Product Deployment model OpenStack - Overview Architecture Flow 1 4 2 3 Achieve scale
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