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St.Brigit of Kildare

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marla cameron

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of St.Brigit of Kildare

St.Brigit of Kildare
St.Brigit of Kildare was born AD 451 in Kildare, Ireland and died AD 525.Her feast day is Febuary 1st.
St.Brigit was a patron saint of; babies, blacksmiths, boatmen, brewers, cattle, chicken farmers, children whose parents are not married, children with abusive fathers, children born into abusive unions, dairymaids, dairy workers, fugitives; infants, Ireland, mariners, midwives, milk maids, nuns, poets, poor, poultry farmers, poultry raisers, printing presses, sailors, and scholars.
The two gifts of the Holy Spirt that I think best associated with St.Brigit are Understanding and Fear of the Lord.
Understanding and Fear of the Lord

The most memorable thing about Saint Brigit was around the year 470 she founded a double monastrey at Kildare and was an Abbess of the convent. The foundation developed into a center of learning and spirituality. She also founded a school of art in Kildare.
I think that St.Brigit was a very understanding person. She was also very focused on not getting married and devoting her life to Christ and she acheived that.
I choose Fear of the Lord for St.Brigit because she knew that God is perfect and she was is awe of the Lord.
St.Brigit lived the gospel message "Go and do the same" by doing what God wanted and helping others. She lived her live following the 10 commandments and was in awe and fear of the Lord. She followed the examples of Christ and also encouraged others to do the same.
Why St.Brigit is a role model
St.Brigit is a role model because she helped people and treated everybody as children of God and I think that everyone should follow in her footsteps. She put others before herself. She worshiped God and lead others do the same. She assisted others in making their dreams come true by founding an art school.
St.Brigit was a caring and kind person. She also loved children as she was the patron saint of babies, infants, and children who's parents are not married. She was kind to everyone she encountered.
One concrete way I can emulate this person in my life is being kind to people. Whenever St.Brigit walked by someone she would smile at them and sometimes ask how their day was. She never judged anyone and never had any bad thoughts about people. She treated others the way she wanted to be treated and that is the main way I can be kind.
The End
by Sarah Cameron
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