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Dork Diaries

No description

Beth Gordon

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries
Tales of a Not-So Talented
Pop Star

Characters (1)
The main character in this story is named, Nikki Maxwell. Some of the other characters are Brandon, Nikki's crush. MacKenzie, the spoiled, bratty, mean girl. Brianna, Nikki's annoying little sister. Nikki's mom, who likes to remember the old times. Nikki's dad, the school exterminator.
Compare and Contrast
Nikki and Brianna both love sweet little pastries.

MacKenzie is ( might dress up cool but may be nerdy) cooler than Nikki.
Nikki is setting up posters for the talent show. But after a while, each and everyone of them got marked with the word "CANCELLED". Nikki was about to turn red when she found out who it was.
BE YOURSELF!!!!!! :)
I would recommend this book because it gives you a message on be yourself. It also says of what some people feel like in middle school. This is why I recommend it.
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