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Declaration Of Independance

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Declaration Of Independance

Declaration Of Independance
1. John Locke was born in England n 1632.
2. He considerd becoming a minister.
3. But then he ended up as a philosopher.
4. Jefferson studied Locke's writings.

1. Liberty is peace of mind that comes from being safe.
2. Everyone has liberty cause we are safe.
3. Safety can only exist if it is the law.
1. It is when we are free and we do right things
2. don't be against the law and don't get in trouble
3. Help form a ore perfect union.
Natural Rights
1. The full definition of this is the belief that everyone is born with basic rights that cannot be taken away.
2. These include life, liberty, and property
3. Everyone should have natural rights because we are human beigns.
4. Even powerful things can't take it away
Thomas Paine
1. He wrote a book called Common Sense.
2. He was a really important part in The Declaration Of Independance.
3. He wanted freedom and he wanted the world to be free.
Individual Liberty
1. A person's ability to be free and independent.
2. If we didn't have that we wouldn't be free or independant.
Checks and balances

1. It is like taxing people but with money.
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