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ATC Presentation of AFP

No description

Kristi Goeltzner

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of ATC Presentation of AFP

Cheryl Stevens
Executive Officer, NINR
Chair, AFP Subcommittee Administrative Fellows Program Melanie Keller
Executive Officer, CSR
Vice Chair, AFP Subcommittee AFP: Leadership Program established in 2006 with first cadre being recruited in 2007

Cheryl Stevens, Executive Officer, NINR
AFP Chair 2008 – 2010
Vice Chair in 2007; will be Past Chair in 2011

Melanie Keller, Executive Officer, CSR
AFP Vice Chair 2008 – 2010
Will be AFP Chair in 2011 and Past Chair in 2012

Tim Tosten, Executive Officer, FIC
First Chair from 2006-2008
Past Chair in 2009

*Program Manager: Kristi Goeltzner Since the program began in 2007, the NIH has hired 146 Administrative Fellows (141 still in pipeline)
Spring 07: 35 of 37 have graduated and are still in the pipeline
Fall 07: 15 of 17 have converted and are still in the pipeline
Spring 08: 47 of 47 are still in the pipeline
Spring 09: 44 of 45 are still in the pipeline

In 2010, 62 Fellows will graduate

There are 25 new commitments for Spring 2010 AFP: Strength in Numbers AFP: Recruiting 3 External Recruiting Events in 2010
Johns Hopkins University
University of Baltimore
Universities of Shady Grove (8 local universities)

On-Campus Recruiting Event
Over 500 registrants in 2 weeks (capped at 200)
Candidates tour NIH/Clinical Center
Current Fellows present “A Day in the Life”
AFP: Accomplishments Coordinating Committee
Bylaws for structure
Lab Immersion Program
e-Mentoring Network
Administrative Fellows “Brand”
Buddy System for New Fellows
Robust Portal
Annual Leadership Forum
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