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Love In LA

No description

Angel Suchite

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Love In LA

Love In L.A.
1. Exposition: The story takes place in L.A. traffic (Hollywood fwy and Alvarado st) the first character introduced is the main character Jake in his '58 Buick.

2. Complication: The car accident. Jake rear ends Mariana.

3. Crisis: Jake asks Mariana out and she rejects him.

4. Falling Action: They swap "information". Jake tries to get Mariana to not report the accident.

5. Resolution: Jake says goodbye with a kiss on her hand, then gets in his car to leave. Mariana writes down his fake license plate number, and he drives off into the now moving traffic.
-Jake "the playboy"
Jake in Real Life: Mike/jers.shore
-Mariana "the Venezuelan goddess"
Mariana in Real Life: Kim K
Materialism as downfall
Freeway- Jake feels the freedom of the open road and allows himself to daydream of his ideal life

The Car- '58 Buick represents Jake's personality and character,expired license plate

The Traffic- the holdups of everyday life, "motionless", kind of like Jake's average life in his eyes
This story takes place in the city of Los Angeles, California.
Point of View
Author Information
Dagoberto Gilb
Dagoberto Gilb's Writing
Characters work hard in the ace of adversity or any form of struggles.
Dagoberto Gilb
Struggled in school originally
University of California Santa Barbara
Philosophy and Religious studies
Construction worker for 16 years
During this time he would journal his experiences,
Considers Los Angeles and El Paso to be home
- The short story is written in third person
-The story is in third person objective because the audience only knows Jacks thoughts and not Mariana's.
Straight forward
Writes about a broad range of Mexican American experiences
Writings are similar to his life and is often based upon working-class circumstances.
Example: "Love in L.A."

Beneath the overpass of the 101 freeway (Hollywood freeway) on Alvarado Street
Love of self
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