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Why Somalia and Madagascar are Third World Countries

A school assignment

Jasmine M.

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Why Somalia and Madagascar are Third World Countries

By Jasmine M. Why Somalia and Madagascar are Third World Country's Somalia has an unstable government. There are smaller governments run independently and there are no political parties. Somalia is in the process of building a federated parliamentary republic government while some smaller groups are going against it. Somalians against the government High Infant Mortality Rate Madagascar has a high infant mortality rate. This means there is a high number of deaths in infants (newborn to 1 year old). To be specific, there are 47.4 mortality's per 1000 infants.
This has to do with disease, which is a big problem in Somalia. There is a very high threat in infectious diseases like typhoid fever and malaria. This is probably due to lack of healthcare professionals. There are only 0.035 doctors per 1000 people!
As you can see, all these factors severely effect the people of Somalia and Madagascar right down to the smallest ones. Low Literacy Rate Madagascar has a low literacy rate. Only 64.5% of people fifteen and older can read.
Only 37.8% of people fifteen and older in Somalia can read. This is probably due to the fact that most Somalians only get two to three years of schooling. Somalia and Madagascar have more imports than exports. This means there are more products being shipped in than there are being shipped out. That means Somalia and Madagascar are not making a lot of money (products shipped in don't just wash up on shore!). sick child They are lucky. Population Below Poverty Line There are many people in Madagascar who live below the poverty line. 50% percent of the population is without food, shelter, and/or clothing. More Imports than Exports Not as Technology Advanced Somalia is not very technology advanced. They only have 186 internet hosts. Somalia also has less than 20 television and radio broadcasting stations. Compared to the the world, they are not taking advantage of all the technology we have today! Population Growth Population growth is high in Somalia which means there are more mouths to feed. This takes away from the food people have (which is not a lot). Somalia does not have enough food to feed the 2.68% of people who result from population growth. Somalia's Progress I think Somalia is in stage two of the demographic model because there has been a decrease in death rates. There has also been roughly four years added to the life span expectancy. Infant mortality rates have dropped by more than twenty deaths and female literacy rates have increased as well. Somalia is making progress, but they still have a long way to go.
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