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Lacrosse Men vs. Women

Women's Lacrosse takes more skill than Mens Lacrosse!

Holly Mueller

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Lacrosse Men vs. Women

LACROSSE Equipment Womens Mens Lacrosse Stick Length Materials thickness Brands Parts Whose got the skills?? History WAR Native Americans Women Men Fields Uniforms face offs You can't do that! Penalties Men's Women's "man down" or "man up" 1-3 minute suspension 5 fouls and your out! 1st yellow card= warning 2nd yellow card=RED your out! Major foul Minor Foul indirect or direct 15 players on the field
HS-30 minutes
College-60 minutes
hard boundaries
game played in 2 halves
10 players on the field
HS-48 minutes
College 60 minutes
4 quarters per game
Contact Where the info came from.. http://lowcountrylax.50webs.com/TEMP_PARK/images/lax20gear20boys.gif





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