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Copy of 8th Grade Kitchen Basics & Safety

No description

jessica burdick

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of 8th Grade Kitchen Basics & Safety

Kitchen Basics & Safety
To rub lightly with fat, oil, or butter

Heat oven to cooking temperature before putting food in

: To moisten foods during baking or roasting with fat, juice or sauce. Adds flavor and keeps food moist

To cut into small, uneven pieces

To gently combine ingredients or a delicate mixture

Flat Spatula
To beat sugar and a solid fat (like butter) together until they are smooth, soft and creamy

To cook in hot liquid that has bubbles that rise and break on the surface

To cook in liquid almost boiling, but not hot enough to bubble

To cook in hot air in an oven

To cook directly under a very hot heating unit in an oven
To press and fold a ball of dough with the heels of your hands until the dough is smooth and elastic

To combine a solid fat (like shortening or butter) with dry ingredients (like flour) by cutting the fat into tiny pieces with knives or a pastry blender

To slowly move a spoon in a circle to combine ingredients

To mix ingredients until they are very smooth

To beat rapidly with a wire whisk, beater, or mixer in order to make a mixture smooth and fluffy

Scrapper/ Spatula
pastry blender
dry measuring cups
liquid measuring
measuring spoons
pie plate
cake pan
saute pan
rolling pin
sauce pan
wire whisk
leveling spatula
examples: water, oil, vinegar, milk
1. set on a flat or level surface
2. fill a liquid measuring cup
3. bend down to eye level
4. pour into bowl
examples: flour, sugar, salt,
1. heap ingredients into dry
measuring cup
2. level using a leveling spatula
3. empty into bowl
examples: peanut butter, shortening, butter, brown sugar
1. pack ingredients into dry measuring cup
2. level using leveling spatula
3. empty into bowl using rubber scraper
Reading a Recipe
Most recipes list ingredients and directions in the order that they occur.

Follow the recipe step-by-step!
1. Read the recipe carefully.
2. Get all utensils, tools
and ingredients ready.
3. Measure accurately.
4. Mix as directed.
5. Bake or cook the required

Washing Dishes ... PROPERLY

* Prepare your water, make sure it’s very warm,
and has enough soap to clean your dishes, but not too much
* Scrape extra food into the garbage.
* Wash the cleanest dishes first ~ followed by the dirtiest
(glasses/cups first, then silverware, and plates)
Wash pots and pan last, they will make the water greasy)
* Always wash sharp knives separately!!!
* Put dishes away IN THEIR PROPER PLACES!

Preventing Fires
Use dry pot holders when handling hot items.

Do not leave pot holders on top of stove.

Turn handles of pans towards the center of the range.

Always lift the lids of saucepans so the steam goes
away from you and does not burn you.

Do not reach across hot burners or lit gas burners.

Keep oven door closed unless removing food.

To remove items from the oven: open the door, pull out
the rack half way, remove food using pot holders

Keep a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen and
know how to use it!

If you have a grease fire, immediately put the lid
on the pan. If this does not work, smother the fire
with salt, baking soda, flour, or a fire extinguisher.


When you have finished cooking, make sure all
oven and range buttons or dials are turned off.

* Wipe up spills immediately, with a dry rag.
* Pick up paper, food and other objects from the middle of the floor or from any traffic area.
* Keep cupboard doors and drawers closed
* Keep all chairs pushed in

* Always pick up a knife by its handle.
* Always slice, chop, cut or dice foods on a cutting board.
* Wash sharp knives separately
* Always cut food with the blade of the knife down and slanting away from you.
* Never put your fingers near the moving parts of an electric mixer, food processor, blender or garbage disposal.
* Do not point a knife towards another person
* Misuse of any equipment will result in a F

Broken Glass

* Tell Mrs. Burdick and everyone else in your group
* Sweep up broken glass pieces
* Wipe the area with several damp paper towels
* Place the broken glass into a box or paper bag

Mrs. Burdick's General Kitchen Rules
* If you have a question or need something stay in your kitchen and politely RAISE YOUR HAND
*Do not mosey into other kitchens- stay in your kitchen
* No snapping or whipping of towels
* Only ONE person needs to gather the supplies
* If your hair is past your shoulders ... pull it back
* No jackets, hooded sweatshirts, or loose sleeves
* Keep your jewelry, phones, and backpacks in the classroom
* Soap dispenser that is on the wall is for your hands
* Dish soap is under the sink ... please keep it there
* Only a couple drops of dish soap is necessary when washing dishes
* Clean up everything- check the sheet!!!
* Put things back where they belong
* I am not your mother- Be Respectful of my classroom and Be Responsible for your behavior

Lab Processes
1. Put on apron ~ tie back hair ~ wash hands
2. Review recipe details
3. Put recipe in plastic paper slot on cabinet
4. Follow recipe
5. Plate and show Mrs. Burdick the finish product
6. Wash, DRY and put away dishes
7.Wipe off counter and the sink, towels and cloths go in the washing machine
8.Fold apron up and put away
** if very dirty and gross, put in laundry basket
9. Eat
10. Clean eating dishes
11. Wait for Mrs. Burdick to dismiss in YOUR kitchen

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