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West Virginia State Project

No description

Jennifer Christiansen

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of West Virginia State Project

West Virginia State Project
by Emmet Christiansen

State Capitol
The state capitol is Charleston. Charleston is also the largest city in West Virginia.
Became a state in...
West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863. It split from Virginia during the Civil War.
State Fish
The state fish is a brook trout. It was elected to be the state fish on March 23, 1973.
State Quarter
The quarter features the New River Gorge Bridge.
from West Virginia
State Nickname
The Appalachian Mountains reach through the eastern part of West Virginia giving West Virginia its nickname, "The Mountain State".
State Animal
The cardinal is West Virginia's state bird.
State Bird
The Rhododendron became West Virginia's state flower in 1903
by the recommendation of the governor and a vote by public school students. The Rhododendron has evergreen leaves and yellow or red flowers.
The black bear is
their state animal. West Virginia has over 8,000 black bears. They can be found in 38
The state stone is coal.

The Appalachian
Mountains is a range of Mountains
that goes from
Maine to Georgia.

The sugar maple is a multi-colored tree in the fall.
That means it can turn red, orange, or yellow.
It can grow up to 100 feet tall. They produce maple syrup and its bark is great for furniture. It became
the state tree in 1949.
State Tree
State Flower
In the late 1800s West Virginia had a lot of coal. They used the process of mining and coking to make steel. Steel was important because the United States was growing very quickly and skyscrapers were being made for the cities. It was also needed for the locomotives and engines connecting the growing country.
The cardinal became their state bird in 1949 by the vote of public schools students.
The New River Gorge Bridge
Lost World Caverns
These caverns are 120 feet below ground and were discovered in 1942.
World's Largest Teapot
14 feet high
14 feet wide
Brad Paisley
Country and rock singer
Brad Dourif
Actor from Lord of the Rings and Deadwood.
Bill Withers
Famous singer who wrote songs such as "Ain't no Sunshine", "Lean on Me", "Lovely Day", and "Just the Two of Us".
State Insect
State Songs
Major Cities
& Geography
Geography of West Virginia
Major Products and Industries
Landmarks and Tourist Attractions
Charleston is the state capitol. It is also the largest city in West Virginia. Its population is 53,421 people, which is about the size of a Chicago Suburb.
Huntington is the second biggest city. It has the population of 51,475 people. Huntington has the Heritige Farm Museum & Village. It also has the Huntington Museum of Art.
The population of Wheeling is 31,419. Wheeling was the first state capitol before Charlston. It was the birthplace of West Virginia.
West Virginia is very hilly and rugged with the highest average altitude of any state east of Mississippi (1500 ft). West Virginia is very scenic with its hills, rivers, and forests. Its land is the basis of a growing tourist industry.
Berkley Castle
Most of all the sports teams are on the college level. The West Virginia Mountaineers are in the Big 12 and are the most competitive. Marshall University's football team suffered the worst single air travel accident in the NCAA sports history. When in 1970 the entire football team lost their lives.
Sports Teams
Berkley Castle is a 13 room cottage built by Samuel Taylor Suit, the manufacturer of a popular whiskey. Grave Creek Mound is the largest conical of burial mounds in the United States. Grave Creek Mound is a burial site that was built over 2000 years ago by Native Americans called Adena. The workers carried over 60,000 tons of dirt to build the mound.
Greenbrier is a Forbes four star, AAA five diamond award winning luxury resort. The Greenbrier is also a site of a massive underground bunker that was meant to serve the as an emergency shelter for the United States Congress during the cold war.
The state insect for West Virginia is the honeybee because of its importance in agriculture.

It is the mascot for West Virginia State University.
West Virginia Has Three Official State Songs, West Virginia My Home Sweet Home, West Virginia's Hills, and My West Virginia.
Young chickens are West Virginia's
#1 agricultural product. Hay grown to feed the livestock is a major crop. Other major crops are apples, corn, soybeans and tobacco.

Major Industries
Coal is the leading industry in West Virginia. In 2012, they produced 120,425 short tons of coal. West Virginia's coal production is #2 in United States. Wyoming is the US's leading state in coal production.

Chemicals are West Virginia's
most valuble manufactured product.

Leading metals rank

Lumber production is the third manufacturing activity.
State Motto

The state motto is M
Semper Liberi
. That means, "Mountianeers are always free" .
Grave Creek Mound is the largest conical of burial mounds in the United States. Grave Creek Mound is a burial site that was built over 2000 years ago by Native Americans called Adena. The workers carried over 60,000 tons of dirt to build the mound.
Grave Creek
Final Thoughts...
Learning about West Virginia was fun and interesting. I enjoyed learning about The Grave Creek Mound the most. I hope I can plan a trip there someday.
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