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MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd

No description

Sachin Ariyadasa

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

-Albert Einstein-

Company History
MAS holdings pvt ltd is one of the largest non listed conglomerates on the Colombo Stock Market.

Founded by Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean in 1986, MAS manufactures Intimate Wear, Active Wear, and other fabrics for world famous customers like NIKE, Victoria Secrets, Banana Republic, GAP and Reebok.

It currently employs over 60000 employees in its five business units namely, MAS Intimates, MAS Active, MAS Swimwear, MAS Fabric and MAS Investments.

Rational Planning Model
External Analysis
( PESTLE, Porter’s 5 Forces)

Internal Analysis
( Value chain)

Analysis Summary
( SWOT Analysis)

Strategic Options
( Generic Strategies, Ansoff Matrix)

Assess Options
(Johnson, Schole Whittington SFA
analysis, stakeholders)

1.1 External Analysis -PESTLE
Identifies the external forces in the Political, Economical, Socio Cultural, Technological, Legal and Ecological environments that effect the business.

Helps to analyze the macro environment in an attempt to identify new opportunities and threats.

Enables contingency plans and other precautionary action to be taken.

1.2 External Analysis-Porter’s Five Forces
Economies of scale
Government Policy
Capital Investment
Brand Identity

Number of competitors
Industry growth
Capital investment
Exit barriers
Switching costs

Differentiation of inputs
Switching Costs
The company’s ability to backward integrate

Size and scale of customers.
Switching costs.
Importance of volume and quality to customers.
Presence of substitutes

Switching costs
Buyer propensity to substitute.

Porter’s Five Forces for MAS Holdings
2. Internal Analysis -Porter’s Value Chain

Primary Activities

2. Production
3. Outbound Logistics
The carriage outwards and shipments are done by MAS holdings and the cost is added to the final selling price.

4. Marketing and Sales

MAS holdings uses direct marketing strategies and obtains sales based on past dealings with customers. It also uses its website as a tool for attracting potential customers.

5. Services
Being an apparel manufacturer, MAS holdings does not provide extensive after sales services. However it guarantees the quality of its products and conducts rework activities on any rejected or sub standard items.

Supporting Activities
1. Firm Infrastructure
The physical layout of the factories- uses lean, kaizen, Total Quality Management principles.
The management- since the founders remain as the senior management of the firm, their core values prevail.
Well established processes and rules exist, that need strict adherence.

2. Human Resource Management
“Our people are our Pride and Power” attitude.
Treats its employees as a valuable resource and uses many motivational tools to ensure that they are satisfied.

3.Technology Development
The company uses advanced technology in order to delight its customers through innovative products such as sweat absorbing apparel, high performing shoes, fabric that monitor one’s heart rate and stress levels, etc.

4. Procurement
Most major customers specify the supplier from whom, the fabric must be bought. They usually have already made arrangements regarding the quality of the fabric.
MAS bears the cost of fabric but passes it down to the customer through the quoted prices.

3. Analysis Summary- SWOT Analysis
Evaluates the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of the company against the Opportunities and Threats that exist in the external environment.

Reveals the competitive advantage of the company.
Helps firms to prepare and make contingency plans for inevitable opportunities and threats that may arise in the external environment.
Helps to identify and analyze new prospects.

Ansoff Matrix for MAS
4. Strategic Options- Ansoff Matrix
Ansoff’s matrix suggests that four alternative marketing strategies could be adopted by organizations in pursuing growth.

The strategies depend on whether new or existing products are introduced to new or existing markets and each has a different level of risk.

External Analysis: PESTLE and Porters Five Forces indicate that the Apparel industry is attractive for investment although some inevitable economic risks exist.

Internal Analysis: The Value chain of MAS adds value to its final apparel during all primary and supporting activities and the production process has been streamlined to reduce errors and non value adding activities.

Strategic Analysis: The comparison of MAS Holdings’ internal strengths and weaknesses against the macro economic opportunities and threats, illustrate that more strengths exist than weaknesses and that they could be used to capture the opportunities in external environment.

Strategic Options: MAS has pursued all four strategies put forward by Ansoff and uses existing and new products in both existing and new markets. The high risks of diversification are tally and match off with the lower risks of penetration and product and market diversification.

Group Members

Wikramawardena R D


Wikramasinghe M M T


Gunawardena W J


Ariyadasa LBSG


Weerarathna PMK
Analysis of the External and Internal Environment of MAS Holdings pvt ltd
1.Inbound Logistics
Thank You






















External Analysis -PESTLE
External Analysis-Porter’s Five Forces
Internal Analysis -Porter’s Value Chain

Inbound Logistics
Outbound Logistics
Supporting Activities
SWOT Analysis
Ansoff Matrix
PESTLE for MAS Holdings
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