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Enzyme Lab Report

No description

Angie-Karina Munoz

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Enzyme Lab Report

How does the amount of enzyme, Peroxidase, affect the enzymatic rate of activity?
Research Question
Enzymes Lab Report
Enzymes are protein molecules, act like catalysts
Each enzyme has specific structure correlated to function
Only substrates with correct structure will "fit"
Rate of reaction affected by enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, pH, & temperature
Background Information
For a given substrate concentration, if we increase the concentration of Peroxidase, then the rate of activity will increase up to a point where it will eventually plateau as demonstrated by the color produced by guaiacol because there will be more enzyme active sites available for the substrate to bond.
1. Preformed a previous experiment to establish a baseline
- Enzyme solution with 26.76% Peroxidase solution (1.5 mL Peroxidase & 6.0 mL distilled water)
- Substrate solution (7.0 mL distilled water, 0.3 mL hydrogen peroxide, & 0.2 mL guaicol)
- Observed rate of reaction for 5 min.
2. Set up 6 enzyme and substrate test tubes using the aforementioned procedure
3. Combined enzymes with substrate test tubes keeping the total volume constant
4. Timed the reaction for 5 minutes
Test tubes demonstrated a spectrum of colors
Darkest tube (highest enzyme concentration- 40.00% Peroxidase) -> most amount of enzymatic activity
Lightest tube (least enzyme concentration-6.67% Peroxidase) -> least amount of enzymatic activity
Predicted plateau did not occur
Overall Question: How does the concentration of enzyme, peroxidase, affect activity?
Increase the concentration of Peroxidase, rate of reaction will increase to a point of plateau
No observable plateau
Biggest errors occurred while combining the substrate with the enzyme
Not able to pour substrate at same time
Hard to get all the substrate in the test tube
Improvement - one person in charged of pouring substrate test tube into enzyme
Independent variable: concentration of Peroxidase
Dependent variable: rate of enzymatic activity
Control: baseline reaction
Sample size: 6 trials
Independent & Dependent Variables and Sample Size
Does the type of soil affect the enzymatic activity rate of Peroxidase in a plant?
Future Research Questions
Darker the solution, greater amount of oxygen produced
Leftmost beaker - highest enzyme concentration
Rightmost beaker - lowest enzyme concentration
Results (continued)
At each interval, test tube with highest concentration of enzyme was the darkest
Baseline after 5 min.
Set up of experiment
1 min
2 min
3 min
4 min
5 min
By: Kirthi Chillakanti, Angie-Karina Munoz, Chandler Sutherland, & Kirsten Wigant
Table: Six Enzyme Test Tubes with Different Concentrations of Enzyme
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