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Caleb Pickering


Caleb Pickering

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Caleb Pickering

3 Elementary
Lesson Plans Competency 2 Teaching Philosophy For more information please visit:

Bryan Caleb Pickering
EC-12 Music
Caleb Pickering is currently finishing his B.S. in Music Education at Texas A&M University - Commerce. He is currently a student teacher at Poteet High School and Motley Elementary in Mesquite, TX. As a percussionist, Caleb frequently plays in the DFW and North East Texas areas. Rationale Batuque Rationale Competency 3 This entry includes a scope and sequence for fourth grade and a yearly plan for high school band. The documents show me at a glance what knowledge and skills should be covered at any given point in the school year. By using this document that outlines yearly goals, I am able to plan monthly, weekly, and daily objectives more effectively. Rationale Elementary Video Competency 4 Elementary This entry includes footage of a selected lesson plan "Mr. Treble Clef" for my 1st grade music class at Motley Elementary in Mesquite ISD. Through informal assessment, I found that not all students learn in the same manner. My lesson reflected elements of tactile responses, visual cues, and audio stimulus to respond to each student's developmental characteristics and needs. I plan to continue this ongoing assessment in order to enable all students to learn and perform at their highest potential while furthering my abilities in becoming an effective educator. Rationale Class Rules and Procedures Competency 5 Secondary Rationale Discipline and Conduct Grading Competency 6 Secondary This entry includes a "Discipline and Conduct Grading Plan," for both elementary and high school. This document gives a precise plan for managing student behavior and what the consequences are for both desired and undesired actions in the classroom. Students were able to bring the form home for their parents to sign and return, stating that they had read through the information with their child and they both understand. Rationale Competency 7 Rationale Secondary Rehearsal Plans Competency 8 Rationale SmartBoard Presentation Competency 9 Rationale Original Test and Activities Competency 10 Secondary This entry was developed for my 4th grade classes at Motley Elementary in Mesquite ISD, and Poteet High School in Mesquite ISD. Through this formal assessment I was able to ensure that the students are grasping the concepts of notes on the staff (elementary) and the build of an Octatonic scale (high school). I will use this to assess the knowledge of my students to make sure that every child is having the ability to learn the lines and spaces of the treble clef. Rationale Teacher Inquiry Competency 12 Teacher Inquiry This entry includes a Teacher Inquiry for the music classes at Motley Elementary in Mesquite ISD. By understanding the professional knowledge and skills needed to the reasearh process (interviewing, researching, collaboration, assessing data, reflection), I created a research question that would center on the dynamics of the classroom based on the evaluation process of elementary music. Rationale Resume Competency 13 Competency 11 Rationale Rationale This entry includes lesson plans Batuque, Sakura, and Michael Row the Boat Ashore for my 6th, 4th, and 3rd grade classes at Motley Elementary in Mesquite ISD. By understanding the diversity in my classroom, I created lessons that would center on respect for the differences of socioeconomic status, culture, ability, and language. My lessons reflected the use of diversity to enrich the students' learning experience and promote diversity in the classroom. The lessons also provided students the opportunity to interact with each other and find common grounds in which theycan relate. I plan to continue with these lessons because it is a great opportunity to explore diversity in the classroom. I will continue to use strategies to enhance my own understanding of my students' diverse backgrounds and needs. Sakura, Sakura Michael Row the
Boat Ashore Elementary This entry includes a handbook in which contained necessary information for both student and parents, which will ensure the students understand what is expected from them in the classroom in order to reach a cooperative and positive learning environment. Students are able to see what the teacher hopes to accomplish and see how they can contribute to that goal. Elementary Elementary Competency 1 This document outlines not only my goals and values as a teacher, but the content, resources, and methods I believe will help my students achieve these goals. The thoughts in this paper are based on my knowledge of learning, cognitive development, and curriculum. Scope & Sequence/Yearly Plan Secondary Video This entry includes a video comprised of multiple lessons during my time at Poteet High School in Mesquite ISD. These lessons demonstrate an understanding of multiple effective teaching strategies designed to communicate content to the students, in a n efficient and organized manner. This entry includes three detailed band rehearsal plans developed for my ensembles at Poteet High School in Mesquite ISD. These plans actively engage the students through the use of questioning, self/peer assessment, and individual peer demonstration. This entry includes a power point presentation that I used in my time at Motley Elementary in Mesquite ISD. This use of technology provides engaging instruction for the students as well as a visual stimulant. This entry includes my professional resume. Complying with formal and ethical standards throughthis document, a teacher's understanding and adhering to legal and ethical requirements for educators is met by being knowledgeable of educational and legal requirements needed for teacher employment. This document displays those qualities through formality and articulate composition. Through the implementation of this competency it has helped me to better present myself as an educator and professional musician. Letter to Parents Included in this entry is a copy of a letter sent home to parents regarding media release for videotaping at Motley Elementary. This letter demonstrates clear, effective communication with parents/guardians as well as establishes a reliable line of communication between teacher and student families. Family involvement is critical to student success.
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