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I Love You Hunter!

Hunter, you are my 1 and only love. You don't even know how much i truly love you!

Elly Knaggs

on 19 June 2010

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Transcript of I Love You Hunter!

I Love You hunter! by: Elly Knaggs I really love you! you are that somebody! you are my drug! And I'm Totally addIcted! ;) I do feel very lucky wIth you! and i've always wanted someone like you! You are a perfect guy! If you couldn't read that it said "Here are 1000 hugs. Take 1 now and put the other 999 under your pillow. And whenever you need one feel free to take it just remember its from me!" I hope that works! true love Is hard to fInd. That's fosho! but wIth you besIde me, I'm all good. And i do really l0ove you! your a very special person in my life. i'm so glad that i had the chance to meet someone as awesome as you and to be your girfriend. thank you Hunter. I love you! P.S. I added these just to make u laugh. Don't tell KIKI or Kaylee tho. Kaylee KIKI
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