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Managing People and Teams

Kelley Compass Career Possibilities Prezi

Beth Queisser

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Managing People and Teams

Managing People and Teams Database Administrators Marketing Marketing is the action of promoting goods to buyers. There are opportunities for management in marketing. A degree in marketing allows an individual to be a director of product management as well as a marketing manager. Marketing majors can: communicate products to consumers effectively, understand and analyze statistics, conduct research on consumers
They can work in any industry that has a target consumer that needs to be sold a good. Food, retail, entertainment, clothing are a few of the many industries a marketing major can work in. They usually work in the private business sector. Supply Chain These lawyers specialize in business law specifically, so they deal with creating and using business documentation in a company. Companies usually have a one or two Transaction Lawyers on hand so they can use them to check the legal sides of transactions and make sure they are the right step to take in that situation. Finance Accounting Managing people and teams ties into an Accounting major because team leading expertise will be necessary in multiple accounting careers. When you're managing a team, it's also important to know how to arrange team meetings to coordinate information and to have the ability to dictate the quality of the team's work in a positive manner. BEPP Management A job in management entails everything with managing people and teams.
So having the interest of managing people is a great fit for a job in management. Having the interest and passion in managing people and teams will definitely make you able to hire people, work in teams, lead people, and accomplish goals as a team.
Being interested in management is directly related to a job in management. There is little to no difference between the interest and what composes of the interest and what the various jobs in management includes. Job title would be event manager.
Responsibilities of event managers in general are finding an event to hold at his establishment. One also has to plan and organize the event which includes delegating responsibility to workers. Event managers must be available during the actual event to make sure everything is in order. At the end, an event manager should follow-up to assess the event, see what could have been done better etc.
Typical salary is usually between 70-80k Information and Process Management Business Law Transaction Lawyer Intellectual Property
Lawyer When is comes to business law knowing how to Manage people and teams is a very important skill to have. This is because Business Lawyers sometime work on a case to case basis so they need to know how to work with and manage all different types of people. Then even if they work for one company consistently they still need to know how to work and manage other people because as a lawyer working with other companies outside if your own will be very common. Finally these lawyers are usually working with a team of other business lawyers with one or two men or women managing them. Entrepreneurship Audit Manager A Day in the Life... supervises all auditing activities for various departments responsible for planning, executing, and managing audit assignments performs financial, operational, and process audits ensure the efficiency of the audit team review audit reports and determine problems handle the hiring and training of auditing staff 40 hours per week in a normal office setting average salary about $63,000/yr Accounting Director Marketing manager
Chief Financial Officer Financial Manager A Day in the Life... Hotel Manager Director of Product Management Event
Manager A Day in the Life... A Day in the Life... Schedule (Day before Event)
5:30 AM – wake up, shower, and get dressed in business clothes
6:35 AM – Drive to café where the event team will meet
6:50 AM – Have printed schedules waiting for each team member
7:00 AM – Event Team arrives, pass out schedules, explain last minute details, answer any questions, say a few words to motivate your team
8:00 AM – Go to bakery and pick up the Christmas Cake
8:40 AM – Call band and let them know what time they are supposed to arrive the next day
9:00 AM – arrive at venue to make sure there will be staff there in the morning so when decorations and catering arrives they will be able to get in
10:00 AM - call the food catering company and make sure everything is on track and will be ready for tomorrow
11:00 AM – Go shopping with the decorations team member to get last minute forgotten decorations
12:00 PM – Bring the organization team member lunch at the venue where he is organizing the seating, stage, and food area.
2:00 PM – Meet with the president of the company to make sure the time line of the night is finalized
3:00 PM – Meet with the technology team member to make sure the computers, over head screens, and DVD’s are working and give the finalized schedule to him so he can plan accordingly
4:00 PM – pick up the floral arrangements and take them back to your house so you can bring them to the venue in time
5:00 PM – Check to see if there are any last minute cancellations of guests or new RSVPs Event management offers a wide variety of work roles within an event manager’s day-to-day work. For example the manager is responsible securing venues, working on budgets, finding the right staff, and hiring teams to physically set up the event. An average day for an event manager usually starts very early. Especially as the date of the event gets close, there is a lot to do during the day. An event manager would need to be able to talk to people well and manage groups. The manager would have to schedule daily morning meetings with his or her team to separate the work that needs to get done. Before all of that can happen the event manager needs to hire teams that would work well at the tasks needing to be accomplished for the event. Once the team is hired and daily meetings are set, the event manager oversees the whole production. The manager may be in charge of different tasks here and there but most importantly the event manager is responsible for making sure everything gets done in a timely manner. Depending on how large the event is, the manager’s tasks from day to day will vary. If the event is a small wedding then the event manager may be able to get all the work done on his or her own. If the event is huge than the manager will most likely go from place to place with different teams to help them get organized and then on the days leading up to the event, the manager would have to be on site to answer questions and be the one in charge. To be an event manager one would have to be very patient with people but most important be able to stay calm when dealing with undesired situations. The following schedule is an example of an event managers day when planning a Corporate Christmas party. Social Entrepreneurship Sales Manager (1) managing a company's financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems;
(2) managing budgets and arranging new sources of finance for a company's debt facilities
(3) sorting data of financial information and then advising accordingly
(4) formulating strategic and long-term business plans and researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance;
(5) Assigning various work to understrappers according to what they are good at is a good way to run the company.
(6) Network within communities to find and attract new business.

Working Hours: About 50 - 60 hrs/week
Annual salary: $113,730 On the day of an audit, the audit manager and his team will arrive at their client's office at the start of the day, which is typically around 9 AM. During the day, the team will test the client's financial statements and determine whether they are accurate and present a fair view of the client's operations. The typical work day will then end around 5-6 PM, depending on the amount of work to do. Performing an audit... 8:30-9:00am Have breakfast and read today’s newspaper
9:00am-11:30am Prepare financial reports, summaries, and balance sheets
11:45 - 12:30am Have lunch with general manager and talk about the company financial issues
1:00-2:00pm Supervise one or more departments. May supervise all financial matters
2:00-3:00pm Manage financial operations and monitor cash flow. May supervise the collection of unpaid loans.
3:00-4:30pm Use computers to record and organize data. Analyze financial impact of local and national legislation.
4:30-5:00pm Make a report to the general manager of the company and sort out all the material and prepare for tomorrow’s work. Schedule •Manage entire product from strategic planning to tactical activities
•Create a Product Requirements Document (PRD) for product lines
•Conduct marketing research to better understand what target audience wants
•Analyze competitors in order to differentiate own product and pick appropriate price
•Watch and record how well a product is doing in the market
•Understanding products from different perspective in the market
•Create Business Cases from new product developments to achieve sponsorship
•Work with development, sales, and customer service to establish market requirements for product so that they meet clients’ needs
•Work with Product Marketing Manager and Marketing Communications improve product line
•Develop and implement go-to-market strategy with all departments
•Help represent the customers in senior level management meetings
•Make sales process for product line very clear and understandable

Average Salary - $138679 Intellectual Property
Lawyer Transaction
Lawyer •Entrepreneur refers to a person who is willing and able to convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation.
•No salaries
–You are paid for what you earn using your business wits
•No educational requirement
–Unlike most careers in business, there are no minimum educational requirements for entrepreneurs (Doesn't mean earning a degree isn’t a good idea).
•Many ventures never get off the ground while others are extremely successful
–Typical return on assets after 5 years for surviving firms: 25% to 300%
–Fraction of failures: 68%
•Typical time commitment: 60-80 hours per week
•Fraction of female entrepreneurs: 34%
•Entrepreneurship and management are not the same but are similar
–Management encompasses decisions involved in organizing, planning, leading and controlling resources
–Entrepreneurship is noticing an opportunity to satisfy costumer needs and deciding how to find and use resources to make a product that satisfies their need
•The cool part about entrepreneurship is that you can go in any direction.
-You can create your own computer business or open a new clothing boutique... Entrepreneurship is what you create and has a very broad scope/range.
•In order for an entrepreneur to succeed, they have to provide products in an efficient and effective manner *Entrepreneurs have complete control over how a business functions and how it will proceed into the future. Business majors with entrepreneurship degrees can also secure employment in sales and management.

*Sales Manager is a good career for aspiring entrepreneurs who aren't ready to start their own businesses yet.

*Annual median salary: $98,500

*More than 12,600 job openings each year (promising opportunity for recent grads)

*Position calls for management, social, and thought-processing skills

-management is most important for potential CEO’s

*If you’re going to be an entrepreneur it’s absolutely imperative that you have management experience Management is the act of leading and delegating responsibility on people and teams to accomplish the company or organization’s goals through other people.
Interest in this aspect also deals with evaluating and hiring people, trying to motivate people through rewards etc, and dealing with people and relationships everyday.

Common attributes for a manager
Strong people skills
Good listeners
Strong willed
Ability to be fair Learn from world acclaimed professors in Kelley. An Undergraduate Marketing Club is offered to any student interested in Marketing
Global sales leadership society, etc. Marketing is introduced with some great classes like M342 Analysis and Display of Marketing Data, M343 Database Marketing, and M344 Creativity and Communication. One is also given the special opportunity to create a marketing campaign for a real-life client. Kelley School of Business offers its students with many great opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. A good example of that would be the opportunity to join the well-known Investment Banking Workshop, with emphasis on financial services, banking, and financial analysis, and Investment Management Workshop, with emphasis on security research, sales, and trading. Both of these two workshops are exclusive programs that prepare students for summer internships and full-time positions. Furthermore, great classes like Intermediate Investments and Banking and Financial Intermediation help students to be ready for the finance-related challenges in the real world. Great major at Kelley for learning necessary skills for people wanting to manage their own small business. There are classes like Venture ideas, venture models, and Law for Entrepreneurs. Also, an Entrepreneurship E-Law workshop is offered. In Kelley, you are offered classes like Game Theory for Business Strategy and Business Econometrics. There are also different paths one can take with a BEPP degree. One can take the economic consulting path or the public policy analysis path, which is very unique. There is also a micro, macro, econometric, and economic history workshop. Great classes are offered like L100-personal law, M429-Legal aspects of Marketing, and L408-Real-Estate Law. Also, clubs are offered at Kelley like the Legal Studies Club, which includes debates and panel discussions. With all of these classes, organizations, and skills one can gain, one can earn a job in consulting, legal auditing, and government jobs. With a Finance degree and an interest in "Managing people and team," people can find numerous jobs in different organizations, where they can achieve success while doing things that they are interested in. Financial manager Chief Financial Officer - Manage money in organizations of varies sizes
- Report financial issues to upper management
- has significant control over many issues relating to income, costs, investment, and acquisitions
- work with members of different teams to make sure that the organization is doing well financially.
- need management skills to efficiently work with others - is one of the top executives in a big company.
- has to oversee the financial condition of the company as a whole
- make decisions that would have huge financial impact on the company
- needs to review the financial reports and statistics to value the performance of different smaller divisions within the company
need to use their leadership skills to work with different teams on making sure the company’s finance is strong Both of these two positions pay greatly after several years of work experience, According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial managers have a medium pay of $103,910 per year, approximately $49.96 per hour. Chief Financial Officers have a medium pay of $130,197 per year, and CFOs usually enjoy good amount of bonus at the end of the year if they have done a good job during the year. These two jobs demand people who have the interest and the ability to be good leaders. People who are not good at leading others cannot achieve efficiency at these positions. People with this interest and a Finance degree are great applicants for these two fantastic jobs and many more that are left unspoken! A Director of Product Marketing uses statistics to create company approaches on how to target consumers.
makes $110,000
handles budget for advertising department
understands demographic of consumer so a marketing approach can be made Accounting Director Audit Manager Accounting majors get to choose between a various of programs like MBA in Accounting, traditional MBA, bachelor of Science, etc. With Accounting, Kelley students can gain internships and field consulting, and have the opportunity to be recruited by prestigious employers. Over 90 percent of Accounting graduates receive job offers. In Kelley, there are solid auditing, accounting, and tax classes like Introduction to Financial Accounting and Auditing and Assurance Services. An Audit Manager will lead their audit team during audits. It will be necessary to have great people and team management skills to have a successful, organized, and efficient audit. A Marketing Manager oversees companies
marketing department.
makes $116,000 a year
conducts surveys and research to
to better understand needs of customer
hires and trains marketing and
sales staff
administers job duties
Event Manager An Accounting Director supports an organizations financial objectives by providing analyses of financial data. They will also need management skills to direct the staff of departments and to advise departments on collection and analysis of financial data. Hotel Manager Hotel manager is a person who manages a hotel.
They are responsible for everyday tasks in the hotel like planning events, organizing the hotel etc. They have to meet customers, set sales goals, and do other management responsibilities.
Usually men are in this field but woman have been making large gains in the recent years.
Salary is 30k-100k and basically depends on qualifications, establishment, and other factors. Students who major in Management get the amazing opportunity of a wide array of classes including classes in Business Decisions, Intro to Human Resources, advanced case analysis etc. Also, at Kelley there is a management workshop. This is an exclusive workshop that includes Consulting Industry classes, case analysis, presentations etc. Marketing Manager Director of Product Marketing Sales Manager Social Entrepreneurship Computer and Information Systems Managers Database Administrators Computer and Information Systems Managers Supply Chain Process Leader - use software to store and organize data, relating financial information and business records.
- are responsible for making data available to users and secure from unauthorized access.
- monitor and maintain database in an organization Supply Chain Manager (SCM) With a major in supply chain, you learn strategies and techniques for effective management of supply chains. In interest in managing people and terms which are directly correlated to this major because you learn how to manage operations and information. A supply chain manager is in charge of the identification, acquisition, production and distribution of the goods that a company provides to and for it's customers. They are good at communicating and obtaining raw resources for the best value in order to maximize profits. As well as all this, they also are responsible for supervise contract development. These lawyers work with the legal side of trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and patents. There job is to make sure that the companies traits and or ideas that make them unique are not copied or used. - are called information technology managers (IT managers or IT project managers)
- plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization.
- help determine the information technology goals of an organization
- are responsible for implementing the appropriate computer systems to meet those goals. Supply Chain Process Leader A Supply Chain Process Leader oversees system support and testing as well as manages and participates in system projects and process improvement projects, and also manages reporting, data enrichment, and inventory analysis activities. Having an interest in management is key because in this field one will be working with different projects and groups, and will also be in charge of managing them. Supply Chain Manager With a bachelor's degree in Information and Process Management and an interest in "Managing People and Team," people can go into the real world, and find many great jobs that they can truly enjoy while obtaining huge returns. Jobs like database administrator and information system manager are great for people with these two characteristics; and only people with an interest in "Managing People and Team" can achieve great success at these two positions because they need to constantly working with and support other branches within the organization; and be able to manage people so that everyone is working to achieve a same goal. As the importance of database and information continues to be realized valued by big companies, people with this degree and interest will always be in demand. The Supply Chain Management major prepares it's students and focuses on helping them to become prepared to manage supply chains. Some very informative and beneficial courses are offered for this major such as P421-Supply Chain Management, P429-Operations Processes and many others. Furthermore, many electives are offered including cost accounting, collaboration and workflow. Students who major in Information and Process Management are offered great classes are offered like S308-Business Application Development, P355-Data Mining, and K410 Decision Support Systems. These classes are all useful and can prepare an Information and Process Management major for a future career. This major is relatively new and the major combines IS and process management to help its students further their knowledge and make them ready for the future. Economic Consultant Investment Banker Economic Consultant An investment banker trades
stock securities and bonds. They
try to profit on the exchanges they do. they make around $70,000. Investment bankers have to work in teams one banker in charge and manages others. An Economic Consultant provides advice and consultation on economic relationships to businesses, public and private agencies, and other employers. Using management to work in teams and with employers is key. Investment Banker ( JP Morgan Chase) The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. An interest in managing can be helpful for BEPP. BEPP is focused on consulting and analysis. With economic consulting you have to manage a company and its assets. For the major BEPP, having an interest in managing can help in this major, which will help for your future. (Nutraceutical Systems International) (Kforce professional staffing) (American Intellectual Property Law Association) (PayPal) (Ford Motor) (mPower Group) (Macy's) (Apple) (Microsoft) (Google.Inc) (Amazon) (Hilton Hotel) (The American Wedding) (Houston Business Transaction Law Firm) (Toyota) (P&G) •Social entrepreneurship is a very specific branch of entrepreneurship.

•Social entrepreneurship means identifying or recognizing a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change

•Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society. Social entrepreneurs typically furthers broad social, cultural, and environmental goals and is commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors. Profit can at times also be a consideration for certain companies or other enterprises. Jeff Zhao
Siobhan McCulloch
Beth Queisser
Lu Jin
Hope Hourigan
John Musselman
Brian Barnabas
Genna Pirrong
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Jie Wu
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