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namkoong ryon

on 15 December 2009

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Transcript of leadership

wikipidia said " hybrid  /ha br d/   (hybrids) N-COUNT
A hybrid is an animal or plant that has been bred from two different species of animal or plant.[ TECHNICAL ]
dual system electronic car + oil car if You know this ! why we use the hybrid car??? The Greenhouse effect was our primary issue http://earthguide.ucsd.edu/earthguide/diagrams/greenhouse/
Hybrid car using the hydrogen Hydrogen has a very low volumetric energy density at ambient conditions, equal to about one-third that of methane. Even when the fuel is stored as liquid hydrogen in a cryogenic tank or in a compressed hydrogen storage tank, the volumetric energy density (megajoules per liter) is small relative to that of gasoline. Hydrogen has a three times higher energy density by mass compared to gasoline (143 MJ/kg versus 46.9 MJ/kg). Some research has been done into using special crystalline materials to store hydrogen at greater densities and at lower pressures. A recent study by Dutch researcher Robin Gremaud has shown that metal hydride hydrogen tanks are actually 40 to 60-percent lighter than an equivalent energy battery pack on an electric vehicle permitting greater range for H2 cars.[41]

Fuel cell, electric hybrid
The fuel cell hybrid is generally an electric vehicle equipped with a fuel cell. The fuel cell as well as the electric battery are both power sources, making the vehicle a hybrid. Fuel cells use hydrogen as a fuel and power the electric battery when it is depleted. The Chevrolet Equinox FCEV, Ford Edge Hyseries Drive and Honda FCX are examples of a fuel cell/electric hybrid.

attention ! Q & A Last presentation In Dongguk university Toyoda Prious masuda MZR-CD HONDA INSIGHT Conclusion Thinking the environment is real mind saving the world
We can help the earth through little practices
If you want save your world !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx Make Green & less Co2 Do you want to know? Or not! Explane of Green house effect Go to next! Very heavy Needs more Time! When we replace a car with the other one,
how would we buy the hybrid car?
Leadership exploring Back to the PPT The necessity of hybrid cars and its definition.
A car that has an electric motor added to its conventional internal combustion engine. It optimizes energy efficiency and enables environmentally friendly operation. It is the ideal and realistic car.

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