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Stacey Susinno

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of Energy

Ms. Susinno

Energy- The ability to do work
Everything that is done in the Universe involves the transfer of energy
Earth is driven by two heat “engines”
1. External
The Sun
2. Internal
The Earth's core
Electromagnetic energy-energy that is given off from all matter
not at absolute zero (-273° C, 0 Kelvin) where atoms have no motion.
•Travels in transverse waves- vibrate at right angles to the direction in which they move.
Transverse waves are named by their wavelength
Model of electromagnetic energy is Electromagnetic Spectrum p ________ESRT
•Visible light = Colors- The only part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that can be seen by humans.
•Infrared- heating effects
Long wave electromagnetic energy- longer than visible light
Short-wave electromagnetic energy- shorter than visible light
Shorter waves are most intense
When electromagnetic energy comes into contact with matter it can be :

Refracted- bent- direction of waves change

•Reflected- bounces off

•Scattered- refracted in many directions
•Transmitted- passes through material

•Absorbed- taken into material
Color –
darker color absorbs more visible light
Rougher surface- more energy absorbed

If a material is a good absorber, it will also give off (radiate) easily

(Ex: If it heats up quickly in sunlight, it will cool quickly when the sun goes down.)

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed or transferred.
Energy Transfer
Come into class tomorrow singing this song!
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