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Paid social media campaigns

Budget Manamgment for your Social Media activity

Anna Kainer

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Paid social media campaigns

Campaign Goals
Eco System & Audience
Budget & Long / Short Term Strategies
KPI & Measurement

Here are 5 social media KPI’s to get you started:
Customer Sentiment: Increase positive customer sentiment by X%
Customer Loyalty: Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) by X pts or X%
Revenue: Achieve $X in attributable social commerce
Visits: Drive X visits to companyname.com site from social media sites
Customer Engagement: Deliver X% engagement rate on social media sites

Very good sale! One in a life-time offer!
They will love it!
Eco System & Audience
Building Brand
50% - Get more Page Likes (CPC & CPM)
30% - Promoted Posts (CPC)
20% - Increase sales on site (CPC)
Community Grow
45% - Promoted Posts (CPC & CPM)
45% - Get more Page Likes(CPC)
10% - Site traffic (CPC)
Drive Sales
60% - Increase sales on site (CPC)
20% - Promoted Posts (CPC)
20% - Get more Page Likes(CPC)
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