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No description

edaaawg cool

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Dogs

Double click anywhere & add an idea Emelyn When i get older I am going to go to the olympics. I am not quite sure for what yet, but I know I would really LOVE to go. Last year I went to Perth Road Public School. It was the most amazing school ! But i graduated and now I currently attend Sydenham High School. I like it alot. This semester I have English, Gym, Business and Math. At school, i have many many MANY friends. I love my friends so much ! They are amazing. hannah is one of my bestest friends . she is wonderful. she LOVES me .. passionately. :) My family consists of my brother Philippe, my mom and dad, and my sister Julie. She has 2 kids, Maxim and Alex. I love them all. I have a great family.! I love to dance ! This is my 8th year dancing. I do competitive dance, for the 4th year now. I love going to competitions. I actually have one next weekend ! I am super excited. I do tap, jazz, lyrical, and ballet. I was born in Montreal, Quebec on October 18th 1995 at 1:59 p.m. I am 14 years old. I love doing track & field Some of my pet peeves are when people talk with their mouth full or chew with their mouth open. the coolest part of my life is knowing hannah. I like everything. There is nothing i really dislike..other than spinach and mushrooms.
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