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For my HOPE CPR componant

Melissa Tillery

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of CPR

What is CPR?
'C' Cardio

'P' Pulmonary

'R' Resuscitation (Revive)
Types of CPR certification
Family & Friends CPR
How to perform CPR
Basic steps
How to treat different age groups
Infant(Newborn-1 yr) Child(1-8 yrs) Adult(14+ yrs)
How to become CPR certified
Where to go:
How long will it last?
certification renewal is every
2-3 years
by Melissa Tillery
Main Points:
Age groups

Healthcare provider
Heartsaver CPR
Standard CPR:
Hands On Only:
Check for response. If there is no response, call 911
Pump 30 times in the center of the chest
Pinch the nose, completely cover the mouth. Blow twice so the chest rises.
Continue with 30 pumps and 2 breaths until help arrives
Check for response. If there is no response, call 911
Bear the chest and push hard & fast in center of the chest
Continue chest compressions until help arrives
Work Cited
Michelle Wituck
The Heimlich Maneuver
1. Make a fist with one hand.
2. Hold it with the other hand against the abdomen.
3. between the navel and lower breast bone provide quick, upward and inward abdominal thrusts until the food or object is forced out.

If choking person becomes unconscious
1. Call 911 or local EMS Telephone
2. Return to the person
3. Lay the person flat on his or her back
4. Open his or her mouth
5. Remove the object if you see it

Signs of choking
universal choking sign
Person cannot breath, cough, or speak
Person makes high pitched sounds when breathing
Lips and fingers become blue.
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