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No description

Jocelyn Broadbent

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of realationship

& Abusive Realtionships Healthy Unhealthy Abusive you feel safe and strong enough to tell your partner how you really feel
you respect and listen to eachother
When you have dissagreements you talk repectively
both of you can be honestabout your feeling, neither of you feels presured to do anything
you trust eachother
you can spend time alone and consider this is a healthy part of the relationship

you feel awkward tell your partener how you really feel
your partener ignores you an ddoes not respect your opinions
your disagrement turn into fights
you are embarassed to say how you feel bcause you think they will no care you go along with things
your partener feels jelous when your talk to another guy or girl
you think something is worng when you dont want to do things with your partener
there has been a feww incedents of emontional abuse
controling behaviour
You are afraid to tell your partener how you feel
you are treated with disrespect and ignores you
you are afriad to dissagree because you don want to unleash your partner
your partner ingores your needs and wants
acussed of flirting and orders you not to talk to another guy or girl
your partner does not allow you to spend time alone
increasing ongoing abuse in your relationship, Emotional Physical, sexual and intimidation Sharing feelings Communicating Dissagreements Intimacy & Sex Trust Time Alone Violence
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