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TALK 12 - Transformation in Christ

CFC - SFC Christian Life Program

gerard doctura

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of TALK 12 - Transformation in Christ

TALK NO. 12: TRANSFORMATION IN CHRIST We have come to the end of our CLP but this is not the end, it is just the BEGINNING. The Lord has laid
the foundation for this
new life through¬out this
Christian Life Program 1. Your repentance, personal
and renewed faith in God.
2. Your acceptance of Jesus as Lord
and Savior.
3. Your empowerment through
baptism in the Holy Spirit.
4. And now the continuing support
you will receive in CFC. Now you need to allow the Lord to continue the process of your transformation in Christ. The Holy Spirit is at work so that you can grow to know, love and serve God more. It is God’s desire for us to experience the full life He has prepared for us; it is His purpose ever since the beginning. God’s
purpose A. God desires our transformation B. Our growth in holiness C. Our growth in discipleship 1. A deeper relationship with one another 2. A greater commitment to service How can God's
purpose be
through SFC?
How do we
respond to
God's call? A.Continue to grow in personal holiness.

We respond by being faithful with our prayer time and study of scriptures. We constantly live out our covenant and seeks further formation through the SFC formation track.
B. Strive to be strong Christian single men and women
in our homes, workplace and community.

C.Pursue our work of evangelization.

Every SFC member must become an evangelizer. Bring others to the CFC Family Ministries in order to meet Jesus Christ.
It is a great privilege to be
where we are now. Having a
personal relationship with Jesus
and being in a vibrant community
such as SFC. This has happened
through no worth of our own,
but simply by God's mercy and
grace. We ought to respond
with gratitude and
humility. 1. We strive to be a witness and make a difference in all aspects of our lives. In our homes, we are to be a source of unity and love. 2. In our work place we strive to be good employees/employers, be a source of good influence and not a bad one. 3. On a personal level we strive to live a holy Christian life, stop doing things that are not Christian and start living a life of witnessing. (ex. Stop vices, pre marital sex indulging in corruption, start being more loving, etc.)

4. We are to be a light to other people, not only to our immediate family but even with our neighbors and co-workers. We strive to bring to our community to know the Lord. (CFC, SFC, YFC, KFC, etc.)
Let us move on, look expextantly to the future. God has so much more in store for us. Let us give our all for God; Jesus is the greatest treasure we can have. It is worth all our effort and all our strength to live our lives totally for Him.
Lastly, let us have the
attitude of Paul, Christ was
everthing for Paul. He will trade anything
just to be with Christ, he moves forward
and press on towards the ultimate prize
which is Jesus. this is our journey with CHRIST
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