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Haunting Violet Book Report

No description

zunera amir

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Haunting Violet Book Report

Characters in in this story
Violet Willoughby: the daughter of a medium,
her father left her and her mother. Even though her mother is a medium she doesn't believe in ghost but they believe in her!! she really has the gift of seeing the dead. Loves Colin and trusts him and is his childhood friend.
Adventure and mystery book
Haunting Violet

Violet's mother is a fraud: she pretends she has the gift and holds seances for the gentry who hold her in esteem as a celebrity of the day. It is these bogus talents that earn Violet and her mother an invitation to Rosefield, Lord Jasper's country estate. Mrs Willoughby (Violets mother) is to entertain his guests, and Violet is her unwilling accomplice. Rosefield is a new beginning for Violet though, as it is here that she discovers that she truly does have the gift of seeing the dead. Violet tries to fight against it as she knows that her mother will think nothing of exploiting her only child.
One of the ghosts that Violet sees is pretty terrifying. Rowena was the daughter of one of Lord Jasper's neighbours who apparently drowned, leaving behind her sister Tabitha. It soon becomes clear that Rowena was murdered, and the only way that she will leave Violet alone is if she can reveal the identity of her killer.

Violet wants justice for Rowena but soon finds herself the victim of several 'accidents'. Rowena's murderer is clearly prepared to silence Violet if needs be and to have another death on their conscience.
Likes and Dislikes
I liked the plot because it had alot of suspense and mysteries and a was really hooking.
The characters were realistic and actually fit the story.
I only disliked the beginning because it was really boring but then it starts getting really interesting.
Violet's mother is a fraud: she pretends she has the gift and holds seances for the gentry who hold her in esteem as a celebrity of the day.
Colin: was found by Ms.Willoughby and is a servant for her but for Violet he family. He loves Violet and protects her and Violet loves him back and they are childhood friends and trust each other.
Lord Jasper: kind and friendly man. Invites Violet and her mother to his country estate, Rosefield and is like a father for Violet.
Tabitha: Lord Jasper's neighbours daughter who lives with her uncle and who's twin sister Rowena "drowned".
Rowena: Tabitha's twin sister who "drowned" and now her ghost is haunting Violet.
I think that people that like reading about ghosts and like adventure with mysteries would like to read this book. I think that tehy should turn this book into a movie because it really hooks people. The second book is "Languish" and im still trying to get that book from the library!
Hope you guys liked my book report!!
By: Zunera
The setting took place in Rosefield, Lord Jaspers country esteem, lake etc
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