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The Boy on Cinnamon Street

No description

Jenna Loveless

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Boy on Cinnamon Street

The Boy on Cinnamon Street By: Phoebe Stone 1. Character Growth Book Summary:

* Grandma and Grandpa
*Father Setting: Cinnamon Street,
in South Pottsboro Main Ideas:
*Thumbelina lives with her Grandparents.
* She started getting love notes.
* Her and and her friends thought it was the pizza delivery guy Benny McCartney.
* Thumbelina and Reni planned a dance at their school to get Benny to announce that he likes Thumbelina.
*After a short while she soon realized who her secret admirer was.... Character Growth:

* 4'7
*Tom boy
*No self esteem
*Went under the radar *Before her mom died and she moved, she was popular and in with all the crowd.
* Henderson was in her school.
* She was in gymnastics.
* After she moved with her grandparents, she quit all her activities and sold all her gymnastics equipment.
*She is still a really nice person and treated others with kindness.
*Her friends Reni and Henderson love her to death. Personal Development:
*After the death of her mom she kind of went into a shell.
* Her friends helped her to pick up the pieces and get back on track. Novel Excerpts to show Character Growth:

*Pg 1. "My name is Louise, but it's not anymore."

* Pg 7. "How much is the balance beam?" she calls out. "I'd like to buy it for my daughter. You're not part of the team anymore, Louise?" She looks over at me with a blank smiling face, the kind of empty, almost hurt smile other people's mothers always give to you, as if they cannot bear to give any part of a real smile to anybody but their own child. I don't answer. I don't feel like answering anybody today. Middle:
*Pg.84 "Have you by chance read this book called 'On The Road' by Jack Karo-Something? Benny McCartney had the book in his pocket and I was wondering what it was about.In case I see Benny, can you give me a quick run down." End:
* Pg. 193 "I could never be mad at my mother for what she did on Cinnamon Street. When it first happened I had forgotten everything, counselors at school use to say to me, 'Aren't you angry at your mother for what she did?' and I would not understand... All I have to do now is think of her at the edge of the blowing green grass... I knew then that I would lose her. I always knew i would lose her."

* Pg. 194 "Can we call up those four goons who carried off my balance beam and tell them to bring it back?" I say.

* Pg. 228 "When (HE) comes to get me the next night I'm all ready. I'm wearing once again the green silk prom dress, which my grandma had cleaned and pressed for me..."

* Pg. 233 "They say that true love always brings with it great and generous acts. Sometimes, amazing things happen to people and nobody knows about it. Nobody knows or cares. Someday, many years from now... I will say 'That year when I was in seventh grade, I knew a boy... and what he did for me was extraordinary and who he was and how he won my heart was nothing short of incredible." Similarities to "Letters to Juliet"

* This book reminded me of the movie "Letters to Juliet". In this movie an American Girl travels to Verona, where there is a wall where people leave notes for loved ones. After reading a few, this girl goes on a mission to find the guy who wrote one of the notes.

* Both the novel and the movie had the element of love. Both main characters were struggling to find the author of the mysterious notes.. Strengths and Weaknesses

* This book was fantastic. I truly enjoyed the storyline and how things developed with the plot and the characters.
* The novel showed a huge change in character with Thumbelina, having her face and overcome the death of her mother and all the life changes that she went through.
* It was very romantic at the end when Louise found her secret admirer.

* I did not personally like how things were not resolved with her dad. They left that issue\topic wide open and never concluded it.
* I really wish the book was longer and continued on to show where the characters ended up in the future. Thank You for your time!

Jenna Loveless
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