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Write an article about a strange event in your town. It does not have to be real, but it has to be about supernatural beings like fairies, trolls, elves etc. Remember a headline and a subtitle. Insert your own picture instead of the house.

Marie Rehfeld

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of IRISH TRIBUNE

Guiness brewery to announce new product
How should a real Irish stew be?
Today we start our series of Gaelic language courses
By Anonymous

I followed my feet down a deep dark wood

Revealed by lady moon
Was a feathery fairy soon

That dark forest night
Turned completely bright

Then, in a flash, she was gone
In her place was nothing, but the dawn.

Alcohol-free Guiness
The Gaelic Pages
The Real Irish Stew
An elderly lady from the small town of Kenmare, County Kerry, claims to have discovered the secret behind the real Irish stew.
This iconic dish has been a subject of great controversy throughout the years.
Caoimhe Rehill, aged 84, has spent her entire life looking to put the "Irish" in Irish stew. According to Mrs. Rehill you should just 'add all the ingredients and boil them until the stew is finished, and remember stout, lots and lots of stout'. Mrs. Rehill is happy to have solved the mystery of the Irish stew and will now go on a 3 month tour of Ireland, teaching people how to make a proper Irish stew.
Monday, February 17, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Write your subtitle here
Write your headline here
Rain... What is it good for?
Today's Rant
Click here to add the text of your article
We start out easy. First we will go through the personal pronouns.

Personal pronouns:
Let's try to conjugate the verb "bí"(to be):

Taím(I am)
Tá tú(you are)
Tá sé(he is), tá sí(she is)
Taimid(we are)
Tá sibh(you are)
Tá siad(they are)
Next week we will try to form our first sentences...
The band Travis once asked the question: 'Why does it always rain on me?'. This is a good question. Why does it have to rain? There seems to be nothing but bother related to rain. It stops traffic, makes everything seem dark and dreary, turns perfectly good dirt into mud and worst of all, it makes you horribly wet. Some people seem to like it, but I, for one, am never 'singin' in the rain'. The guy in that movie was way too positive. No one runs around in the rain singing. He had an umbrella, but throughout the entire song he hardly ever uses it to stay dry. Umbrellas are another downside to rain. They are not handy at all. When everyone carries one, it is almost impossible to pass each other on the street.

Some people would argue that we need rain to grow plants and sustain the planet. Personally, I think it is all a big hoax!
By Ewan McGrumpy
By (Insert your name(s))
By Patrick Conahcrie
By Lisa Lureishei
A Feathery Fairy
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