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My Notre-Dame of Paris By Mayo Ghalil (English Version)

For all who wish to better understand the character of Notre Dame de Paris. Voicie the cheapest Prezi could you help in his. I did it for a school project. And for your information it the english version.

Mayo Ghalil

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of My Notre-Dame of Paris By Mayo Ghalil (English Version)

Physiognomy characters
Spiky red hair
Mouth horseshoe
Disordered teeth

(Agnès la Chantefleurie)
(Agnès la Chantefleurie)
fine size
Long brown hair
Great black eyes
A golden glow
narrow shoes
Clothing half Parisian, half African
Pierre Gringoire
Pierre Gringoire
The blond long hair
Dressed in a gown (or Black and torn, or yellow and red)
Wrinkled (the forehead and cheeks)
Wearing a black serge
Beady eyes
At a cap
White skin and cold
The little Hair he is white and gray
The top of the shaved
Lean (nature and not bad nutrition)
Wearing a suit priest
Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo
de Châteaupers
Wearing a uniform (like the costume of Jupiter)
Armed with a sword
Look great
Phœbus de Châteaupers
Long blond hair
Small blue azure eyes
Dressed in noble clothes
Fleur-de-Lys Gondelaurier
Clopin Trouillefou
Dressed in ragged clothes or noble
False wound (wound in the leg or arm, or being blind imitation)
Clopin Trouillefou
Jehan Frollo
curly Blonde
Green Eyes
Wears a cap
Causeway Grègues (containing her purse)
Wearing a jacket lined with mahoîtres
Jehan Frollo
a student
Character and Calling
Chief Mobsters
Character and Calling
Character and
Guard Captain of the archers of the king's
Character and Calling
Archdeacon of Josa
priest of Notre-Dame de Paris
Poet, philosopher and writer
Street dancer
The bell ringer of Notre Dame
Character and Calling
Has almost succeeded at hanging ...
Is in love with ...
Adoptive father ...
Is in love with
Relationship between the characters
Importance and influence of the characters
one she is kidnapped by gypsies . Clopin Trouillefou takes her under his winged and the student as his own daughter. Gypsy dancer , she Devindra dancer 16 years ( where it will take its independence ) and perform tricks on his goat Djila for his bread. One day, one day king ( it was quite a night ) or it rentréait home. Esmeralda will enleer by a Cyclops , a demon , a human ereurre , a monster, a hunchback. Fortunately thanks to the care of the ordinance bows King . She escapes the monster and meets the handsome Captain Pheobus Castle who seduces . But she left immediately . Over the course of a Miracle ( gypsy camps and home to go bare foot ) she knew that it was going to hang a man . Then she married the way they have survived. Their wedding night that went into the house of the bride. He believed that the " had been in love when she did not even know his name. Later he had the gall to touch it but it stung . So Pierre Gringoire (that was his name) learned that the marriage was only in principle . He was a poet she did accrobate . ie it works with it . speaking of work one day she works outside the house of Gondlaurie , who called a joining them. there she reviewed the handsome captain Pheobus . Inside the house there was not that there was any Pheobus family and courtissannes . This was the courtesans who opened a packet delivered to neck Djali (which yes was présante ) while its owner was distracted to give them a little dance . few letters in the bag with the goat could write what Pheobus . bohèmine soon realized that the scandal had happened but she left the Captain followed for invite an appointment for the evening crazy about him after she accepted . mad with joy . now nothing mattered to her was from this appointment. Issued there she was all excited. this appointment would have had perfect if two things had not happened. whether penssait marriage contrary to its magnet was poingardé shortly after he left the sacrament of his head. then the assassin had left just after the crime be committed and Esmeralda faints . It took the place of the accused in court where he was accused of witchcraft and assassination . May she denied the charge, the passat is the question. It to say that slides her bare feet into a torture device compresses on her little foot . she denied it shook it sufferi , she cried , she cried , she denied it shook , she cried and she confessed .
His sentence was death.
Later in the dungeon she met a priest, the priest ( because yes it was a priest who had stabbed the beautiful Captain) . He came to explain the reason for his action , he had
out of love , he had done out of jealousy. Since he had seen his life was turned upside down . He was coming to give him a chance to escape, a chance to escape the rope. In other words it was the rope or bed. She refused.
The next day when she died she escaped death thanks to the beast who had taken a few weeks before .
He took her , took her to the Cathedral and gave him asylum . She knew the name of the beast >> << Quasimodo and the beast was a beast on the outside, she had a soft heart , a heart that could love , that heart could cry , a heart that one could hurt a heart that could console . But something special that the heart of the beast and the beautiful had was a friendship that had just been founded them . She also knew he was deaf and how comuniquer itself with a distance she could call . A lonely night . The cathedral was attacked. She received an unexpected visit but desired and wanted to make the tower << >> Pierre Gringoire out. He was not alone , a stranger, a black man who accompanied terrified . Soite they left behind and tranverserent the Seine. Throughout the trip she agripait to Peter as the only refuge he had left. When he has it agripait his goat. Landed the poet fled with the beast and we do review more . Esmeralda was then with the black stranger who was the priest . He led her to a rat holes where the nun lived ( a woman who hated bohemians ) and left . There instead of cursing the poor gypsy , she blessed because she recognized her poor daughter (then called Esmeralda Agnesse actually ) . But it does not rejoice long its reunion. Because the police will remove them as soon as they come Esmeralda . But this time Quasimodo could not do anything for her. The zingara mourrera hanged at dawn.
at the age of 4 years, abandoned by his parents because of his physical deformities. He was verritait of Bohemia orgine . While his parents steal a perfect baby and Quasi metteront in its place. The mother of the perfect baby leave at the foot of Our Lady. She and Dom Claude Frollo archidicre of Josas her open arms. He becomes the bell ringer that will make deaf but despite that it can communicate with everyone who wishes to speak to him . . Through gestures Caude teach him . Almost came out of his little bell . But despite this, the day of the feast of fools he left his sanctuère . And thanks to his deformity he won the title << >> Pope of Fools . But he did not rejoice long. For his master Claude arrachat his throne and crown . The poor Pope all subject to achidiacre . Returned to the Cathedral . When night falls Claude asks him to come and help him kidnap a gypsy . Visited the site there are catch . This means that Quasi became arrested by the guard bows and Archdeacon escaped. Later, his trubunal He was tried by a deaf judge. His sentance was that the fouettat be pilloried and turned for an hour. The whip was painful, but the wait time was an overwhelming pain. The reason was that he would die of thirst and no one gave him a drink . Person , not a Gypsy , Gypsy who had burtalisée . Came and gave him the liquid flow as he desired in his poor dry throat. And when the monster he made him run his eye blind a new liquid unknown. This liquid is formed as a drop in and sank. It was called << >> Tear . After Quasi felt something he had never felt before . Yesterday he was in love with its gargoyles and bells and bell tower . Today he is in love with a human , a gypsy , Esmeralda . Previously he sounded with gusto and joy, pleasure today is to look on the forecourt Esmeralda 's dancing and singing. In short his heart had fallen from the top of the bell tower for the beautiful gypsy . But later he learned that his love would be hanged . So he tried to save the rope. The wins in his arms to lead to Notre Dame, as a church and asylum. But Frollo Esmeralda brought to execution. Quasimodo, injured for life by the cruel act of his father, threw it into the empty removing his life and all the love he vowed , before going to die with the body of his girlfriend , offering him his last breath, his deformed body, his life, his father's life and his love.
* So in reality among the four heart that loved Esmeralda said the only one who spoke the truth is it Quasimodo *
jyoung he is an orphan. So at the age of 16 years achidiacre taught him everything. Later he was a poet of his own likings . The Epiphany , Gringoire had a mystery to Cardinal . It must be a glorious day but it was a disaster . But Peter was not a sub , not a sub to eat. not to sleep under . Then follows a young gypsy named Esmeralda . His pursuit took him to a place where no gentleman was already going , << >> The Miracle Course . But if any man subgenus there had never been is that there was a reason and that was that it was forbidden . Why Mobsters ( people to places ) would hang . But they did not want him great harm they offered him a way to escape the rope << >> The Test . But it fails. He was about to leave our history but something someone came and cut the rope that would cause his death . That someone was La Esmeralda and Custom . Ie for it to be saved from hanging he was to marry a vagabond . Esmeralda récalmé as the husband. Then Peter lost in amorous feelings , tried to approach , disappointed with the result he realized that she was not feeling any love for him and that if she had taken for her husband it was only a matter of principle . Later he left the pen to work with Esmeralda .
Esmeralda disappeared a day . This was the same day that Dom Pierre review claude .

His soul was troubled to abescence his wife . He could not sleep deuis he knew that Esmeralda would be hanged . While he believed she was dead he learned that the reality was quite the opposite. She was in the Notre Dame Cathedral and watched over her . Claude then offered him a plan to get her out , can the cathédale was guarded day and night and are left out as we had seen back . Then Archdeacon proposed that exchange between he and his clothes with Esmeralda . We would hang the poet, but the gypsy would live. He refused and offered him another solution. His plan was to ask the Mobsters make a diversion while they go out for Esmeralda to cross the Seine and go to the Place De Greve. Thanks to Ian Stone , Esmeralda is saved. But he left her alone and went with the goat Djali
from an early age , Claude always had two mistresses Science << >> and << >> Culture .
But unfortunately , when he was still a young man, he sees his parents died by the plague, then , is left with his younger brother Jehan, who is still an infant . It takes him under his wing and taught him everything. Several years later , Jehan now a young adult , student and full possession of his faculties he decides to leave home . Claude is the house of God his new home. What makes Claude third mistress << >> Religion . A few years after this sad event , we found a << >> something on the steps of the cathedral. A monster, a demon, an animal ... A four year old child abandoned. This little devil â place leaving him alone on the threshold of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris , an awakened something in Claude, who had died there a long time , too long for him to remember. But something prompted it to adopt this young monster and baptized << >> Quasimodo . That meant in Latin " almost done." Claude was Archdeacon and his love of women was banned . But one day when he was reading Claude interrupted by outside noise . Shocked he came to her window who was such an uproar . To see appear the most beautiful silhouette, that an angel , that Esmeralda . Claude felt a blow in his chest , but this time did him no harm , but on the contrary . Claude took this angel for an angel of the devil. As if Lucifère sent to tempt him Esmeralda . He had to remove to finish . Then he sends Quasimodo for him to remove . Qasimodo not succeeded . Then he stabbed Pheobus and accuses Esmeralda .
So Esmeralda is on the way from the gallows , Quasimodo wins to Notre Dame , where he gave him asylum. Claude allied with Gringoire and his brother Truands which is part of this has to do Esmerarlda out without telling them his intentions.
He book the gallows , and died after the gypsy gives the captain his last breath.
Il mistero della s
Gringoire Pierre
is a very immoral and even dishonorable character. Fiance Fleurs de Lys . But her arranged engagement . One evening when the captain ( because yes it is captain of the guard bows of the king's ) heard screaming in the street. It was a poor gypsy who fesait brutalized by a monster, a hunchback , is a bare foot. The man hastened to intervene. That evening, he was attracted by the beautiful bohemian and well by him. He saw that a few weeks later . This reunion happened as follows: From Mesir Chateauperlle was at his fiancee , he was bored so he went to the window and saw the gypsy he had saved . So for fun he invited him . She gave them some dances but courtesans opened a small bag hanging on the neck of the small nomadic goat . There contained letters with which the beast was not written beast floor << >> Pheobus all. Malaiseeee ... Fleur de Lys and fell into apples, zingara left the house is not known if it was that day that Pheobus took the opportunity to slip away and follow the beautiful stranger . Pheobus advantage of the absence of his fiancée power gypsy who accepted the invite . Returning home he GROWTH Jehan (a good friend of his ) who invited him for a drink . Jehan drunk Pheobus let his glass and joins his bohemian (which thanks to Jehan he learns his name Esmeralda << >> ) . On Pheobus way met a man in black , who gave him money to pay the hotel where he will meet Esmeralda . The man in black knew all the appointments. But he doubted the name of the one who waited. Prouvrer for the unknown that was true , Pheobus asked him to follow him, and hommme black accespta . Once there he hid in a bedroom closet . When Esmeralda has had discomfort . Because she wanted to marry him but he did not. He was able to pressure the naive young lady to be able to steal a drop . May when he tried to l kissed a second time he was stabbed.
at that time there without being able to explain he saw the image of Fleur-de -Lys . So as soon as he recovered he returned to see . He told her tons of lies to him expiquer his absence and his injury. It racconta it even more when she saw that the Esmeralda was brought to the gallows . Where he completely denies his mistress . Some days had elapsed since the hanging of the beautiful gypsy One day our captain was arrested by a wobbly who tells him that Esmeralda was still alive and what the demand. But he denies a second time. Unfortunately, a few months after Pheobus married Fleur-de -Lys and soon forgot the beautiful bohemian .
girl gentry family promised to his cousin Pheobus ( captain of the guard bows of the order of the King) . But one day when the visiting Pheobus he invited a young nomad not dance away from home . She danced the bohemian in their living room but the ladies are not wearing big attention. They saw that there was a accorché neck Goat dancer bag. They opened it and saw that there were letters and placed them on the ground. Letters written with these Pheobus << >> beast. And Fleur -de -Lys faints . When she awoke she will not see his captain for several long weeks. It all doubt during his absence. His love for her , her marriage, her engagement, her fiancé, the fidelity of his beloved , the words of his oath and Pheobus whole . She waited again and again at home there with his heart full of tears and sorrow . But one day, without warning , his brother Captain comes . She was full of questions . But the patient responded in two ways '' lying or avoiding the question'' and lies that she knew Fleur-de -Lys . Then she saw the corner of his eye that hung someone, we pendaot The gypsy . Then she Ammena the attention of his captain, who denies it . The bourgoise not forgive her fiance at the death of the zingara and married several days later. But never oublira betrayal Pheoubus .
he had taken under his wing Esmeralda . Then he raises as his own daughter. Later she flies on its wings . One day as he goes begging (because it is malingreux and King of Mobsters ) beg a mystery << The judgment of Madame the Virgin >> where he noted . It meets autreur this horrible piece << Gringoire , Peter . >> But he wants to hang it was funny because entering a prohibited area it has << >> The Miracles during the field desTruands of going bare foot and vaguabonds . In other words the poet had no place. So can he did not want to hurt him much , so he suggested that he became one of them . But he was not going to let him out so easily . Then he put the test ( it hangs a model with bells and a purse above . Then it must be placed on an unstable stool, turning his right foot round his left leg, stand on the tip of his left foot and steal scholarship model without singing bell. ) . But the happiness of the public, the misfortune of the poet fails. The rope around the neck of the patient, he was preparing to complete, but it does not pouva . Something prevented a woman prevented a custom prevented . This custom was that you do not hang a man if a woman wants. And this woman was Esmeralda . Then he saw the Duke of Egipte marry his protection to a stranger. Later there were more signs of life Esmerlda . Clopin and the whole Court of Miracle were troubled by his absence. But when he learned that his situation will be hanged for witchcraft and assassination . Had no peace of mind . But their anxiety when Bassa hunchback had given to their protected << >> The Law Of Asylum . Mr. Pierre has asked His Highness Trouillefou coming to help tackle helped Notre Dame. He accepted with enthusiasm. But on the field it was less bataile victorious he imagined. Some will be burned , crushed and other masacre . Given this morass our King was devastated . After this sad event we do not know how big of him.
young Jehan loses his parents and is adopted by his older brother who raised. Later he left and returned to sometimes ask for money to his brother who is now Archdeacon student and a young hunchback named Quasimodo the student (who will soon leave his studies) likes to tease. Jehan dépencera all his money in the cabaret. It will be more nonsense that will compromise its future as one where he makes his Ugly. But that when he took the greatest risk where it was overused in his entire life. Where he had the éfronterie to mount the top of our first lady. Where touvera his executioner Hunchback of Notre Dame Hunchback of Catheral who will speak after his death will dysthanasie. And when the young man bounded, insulted the young piper who already carries on his back all the suffering in the world, before suffering his last breath.
From Dom Claude Frollo
To Sir Lucifère about our pact
For my wife that I miss.
Gringoire and Djali who loves you more than the moon loves the sun.
Who are you crying?
For someone who will not see your tears!
Who you mouse!
For someone who will not see your dimples!

Why would you,
That someone who does not love you?
Why engoisserais you,
For someone that you are the last of his care?

But why,
Split into four
For what does not vale it.

And he who does not worth it,
This is your Pheobus,
Your sun.
And if you do not believe me my dear,
Why do you have it denied your sun?
It's probably not because he loves you.
My project contains three sections: 1 - Physiognomy (this section conient two other sections Character and Calling << >>). 2 - Relationship between the characters and 3 - Influence and Importance of the characters. The characters are shown the Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Gringoire, Claude, Pheobus, Lily Flowers, Jehan Frollo and Clopin.

I chose these subjects, you will find it strange but it's true. I feel when I read this story the characters I chose are familiar to me. Especially Gringoire and Quasimodo. I understand the pain of Quasimodo did too tried and sadness Gringoire was not loved.

I had very little difficulty. I was swept away by the story and I did not want to leave the book when I was recovering from side until the next day.
Technical side I had too many ideas which set me a problem when he had to choose what I wanted to keep.
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Hugo Victor, Notre-Dame de Paris , Le Livre de Poche Jeunesse, 16 juillet 1949, nombre de page 349
Mon Notre-Dame de Paris
Victor Hugo

By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
* By Maya Khalil 13 ans
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