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Journey to the Top

No description

mallorie young

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Journey to the Top

Journey to the Top
Mallorie Young's Portfolio
Where will you be in 8 years?
Get into a good College and full fill my career in going into Law!
Thank you for watching!
letter of intent
Dear Mr. Orange,
I will be receiving my PHD in Doctorate of Law from Yale University this May. A recruiter from the Law Office of Baker, Donelson, Caldwell and, Bearman gave a presentation to potential lawyers in my graduating class, and i was very impressed. I am interested in applying to be a Child Protection Lawyer in your firm.
As one of my electives I took Financial instruments and contracts and finished very high in my class. I am fascinated by the product of the cases you did and the lawyers at your firm have worked hard. Last summer, I complete an internship at The Beacon Center of Tennessee. I developed a solid foundation in the world of law and understanding of how firms work.
I look forward to hearing more about this opportunity at The Office of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, and Berkowitz. I am excited to pursue a career with your company and would like to demonstrate how I am an ideal candidate for this position. Please contact me at (615) 680-4653 or email me at Mallorieyoung@tcschools.org
thank you for your consideration!
Mallorie Young
Vol-State Questions
1. What classes do I need to attend if I want to be in Law?
2.What are some things different about this school than other colleges?
3.What advice would you give to an aspiring Lawyer?
Lifestyle Budget Sheet
Social Life
In 8 Years I will be...
Now I am 14 years old in 8 years however I will be 22.
The career I have chosen to be in is a Lawyer.
For this to happen I will need my bachelors degree.
Annual Salary will be from 40,000 to 100,000 dollars.
I will live in an apartment by the collage.
I will not have a family. Because I do not want to start a family too early.
I will not be married. Because I do not want to be
I will not be single.
I will own a car. Because I want to be responsible and pay for them by myself which includes gas and improvements.
I will own a pet. Because I want to be responsible for my own things.
I will be in school. I will be in the college Cumberland University.
I will have a job. I would like to have a part time job in Occupational Therapy.
I will have a diploma.
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