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Movie Review : Fight Club

No description

Nicolas Tabor

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Movie Review : Fight Club

Fight club : Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Genre : Actors and characters : Let's now listen to Tyler Durden Why did we choose this movie? - It's a breath taking movie "Fight Club" sends several messages : 1 )Fight Club mainly criticizes our consumer society 2) Fight club criticizes the loss of identity of the citizens 3) The revolution Taylor is launching is a way to tell people to fight against their actual way of life! Hitting the bottom Fight to stay alive! The impact of fight club on society: - Since 2000 real Fight clubs began to spread in the USA
the first one was "gentleman's fight club" which had members mostly from the high tech industry. American film (1999) based on the same name novel (1996) by Chuck Palahniuk.

Story :
The narrator is an unnamed protagonist, discontented with his job.
Forms ‘Fight Club’ with soap-maker Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden and Marla Singer becomes entangles in a relationship This film is an Action Movie
Full of Crime, Drama and Suspense Director : David Fincher Writing credits : Chuck Palahniuk – Novel
Jim Uhls - Screenplay Edward Norton – The Narrator - An incredible end! - Mind blowing - You'll watch it a 2nd time! - It tells true things about our daily life - It makes us think about ourselves - It criticizes the consumer's society This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time A
Heroes Evil people, to criticize the vices of society -Authorities fought against the clubs and arrested teenagers -College student created artificial bombs which were placed in mail boxes or in front of Starbuck's Coffee. -This movie boosted the internet's anarchical movements. Thank you, any questions? Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden Helena Bonham Carter – Marla Singer Directed TV Commercials: Nike, Coca-cola, Budweiser, Converse
Directed Music Videos: Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson
Directed Films (Huge Success): Se7en (1995), Fight Club (1999) and Panic Room (2002) Occupation: Car recall coordinator
Interests: signature wardrobe, clever house furniture, not sleeping Occupation: Film Operator, Soap Maker, Waiter
Interests: Fist fighting, Zeroing Credit Card Records Occupation: none
Interests: Stealing clothes, selling stolen clothes Feel the pain to feel the life! Ranked 1st at the weekend box office
mix of audiences BUSINESS ASPECT
Was negatively received by the executives

Was supposed to be released in July 1999

Date changed to August 6, 1999 considered as an art film

targeted to male audience

appealed to teenagers About the Budget budget $63 million $20 million campaign posters, billboards, TV trailers predicted profit: $13-$15 million in the opening weekend actual profit: $11,035,485 million in 1,963 theaters 61% male 39% female Weekly profit 58% below age of 21`
profits dropped 42.6% over the second weekend ($6,335,870)
earned $100.9 million worlwide released in two DVD editions
Online Film Critics Society award in 2000 for Best DVD
re-released in 2004generated $10 million profit
$55 million in video rentals
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