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Rafter/Rafter Seat, Ridge Board, and Roof Trusses

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Nicole Robertson

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Rafter/Rafter Seat, Ridge Board, and Roof Trusses

Rafter/Rafter Seat, Ridge Board, and Roof Trusses
Rafters and Rafter Seat
Rafter: A sloping beam that supports a pitched roof running parallel
Rafter Seat: A notch in the rafter that acts as a resting place for the top notch and more evenly distributes weight of the roof
Ridge Board
Ridge Board: Horizontal wood or metal beams at the top of the roof where all rafters are attached
Main Function: Connect rafters for a cohesive layout
Offsets weight to rafters
Roof Truss
Roof Truss: Rigid framework (wooden beams or metal bars) designed to support the weight of the roof
Alternative to traditional roof framing
Reduces time, cost, and materials needed
Eliminates need for oversized floor joists
Less attic space
Comes pre-built
Different Types of Roof Trusses

Nicole Robertson
Ridge Beam
Supports rafters at the ridge of the roof
Transfers weight to wall ends
Common with an asymmetrical design
Rafter Sizes
Size of lumber for rafters directly proportional to weight of roof
When the roof has a slope greater than 3:12 (25%), then a ridge beam is required
Cutting, measuring and framing rafters requires the Pythagorean theorem and exact angles
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