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No description

Katie Vesely

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Andromeda

Andromeda Andromeda is a constellation in the northern sky.
It is based on the myth of Percius who saved Andromeda-a greek
princess who is chained to a rock by a sea monster.
She was supposed to be eaten my the sea monster.
But then she was saved by Percius. Sometimes this
legend is called the chained lady.
Autumn constellation-best seen in the northern hemisphere in November
The Chained Lady Cassiopeia Cepheus Pegasus Star Table Star distance from earth
apparent magnitude Alpheratz
97 light years 2.06 Mirach
200 light years 2.06 Almach 354 light years 2.1 Surface Temperature 13000 K 3500 K 4500 K Color
Type of Star Blue Red M giant Yellow-Orange K Star
B star Adhil 5 196 light years 4000 K Orange K type giant Andromeda Picture
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