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Sam Buemi

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Abortion-Ch:11

Cases trying to dissuade
Emotional issue;
matter of life & death
Labels: Life v Choice
Important to avoid labels
1st Day- Zygote
Fertilized Egg
2nd Week
Blastocyst-fluid around
layer of cells and a ball of cells
8th Week
8th Week - Beyond
Young Unborn
Morning After Pill- chemical making uterine wall inhospitable
Vacuum Aspiration-
Dilatation of uterus;
contents suctioned
Saline Solution-
Salt/water causing miscarriage
Dilation & Extraction
Punctured skull; suctioned
2003-1.29 Million
1990 - 1.6 million
2/100 women have abortion
Black women 4x more
likely than White Women
Methods of Abortion
Reasons for Abortion
Baby would change their life
Done having children
Did not want single-motherhood
Legal in 54 countries
78% Done
in Poorer Countries
Abortion & The Law
If something is immoral,
it ought to be Illegal.

Is this true?
Laws bound by philosophy of law
1973-Roe v Wade
Legalized Abortion
Decision divided pregnancy into 3 trimesters
Some laws restricted funding;
required parental permission
Arguments that
Do Not Depend on Moral Status of a Fetus
Utilitarian Reason-
each case has its own consequences
Must Weight the Good & Bad
Its the Affect on Everyone that's important
Rights Reasoning-
the rights
of the individual are supremely important
Ex: Violinist
Arguments that Depend on
The Moral Status of the Fetus
Fetus has status when fertilized;
Others argue zygote is important, has many cells
Detectable Brain waves
Viability-ability to live outside mother
Usually in the 5th Month
Method 2-Moral status due to our unique humaneness
Being Human or Human-Like
Potentiality-power to become something gives greater
moral status
Actuality-potential for the actual characteristics
that is important
Evolving Nature Middle ground between Potentiality & Actuality
Optional (Not required)
What Are your thoughts?
Can you articulate an opinion?
Can you argue FOR the side you are Against?
Every minutes a
woman in a developing
country dies from Abortion
Whites least likely to have abortion
Natural law argument:
woman has right to her
own body
How would we argue for/against
abortion from a relativistic perspective?
Not all arguments on abortion regard
the moral status of the fetus
Issue is often a gender and language issue
Abortion Pill:
Method 1- Focus on the
characteristics of the fetus.
Refer to text on
Full transcript