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Ancient EGYPT

No description

Fallen Angel

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Ancient EGYPT

Ancient Egypt By: Tina Hoppler
4500 BC-400 AD
NE Africa 30 N latitude

: Strong rapids.
: Triangle-shaped area of land of soil by the river.
: Life and death.
: People of wealth and power.
Middle kingdom
: A period of stability lasting till 1750 BC.
New kingdom
: When Egypt reached its height and glory.
: An egyptian writing system.
: Long lasting paper-ish material made of reeds.
Rosetta stone
: A stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics.
: Tall four-sided pillar pointed at the top.
Ramses the Great: A pharaoh of 1200 BC


Priests, government and

Scribes, craftsmen and merchants

Farmers, slaves and servants
Human Geography
protected kings mummies and their tombs for the
.Mummification preserved the body's for the afterlife. Then the gods would weigh their hearts against a feather.Only pharaohs and the elite were mummified.

Human Geography (Economics)

Soon trade routes were built. Which
Queen Hatsheput
then sent traders out for. Because of all of this the
trade network
began, using

One day this king named Menes came and persuaded that upper and lower Egypt to become one. Because of this king Menes became the most high ruler of all at that time.
During the
old kingdom
(7700-2200 BC) there was a upper and lower Egypt because of the way the water flowed up the Nile.The Nile played a big role in the fertilization of the land. The role was so big that the civilizations around the river expected the yearly flood.Creating food from wheat to barley to meat/fish.
R and D of civilization
The pyramids weighted around 6 million tons
The 3 million stones used to make the pyramids weighed around 15 tons each.
Physical Geography
pyramid was 13 acres wide and 481 feet tall and is protected by the
It took 4000 craftsmen and 2000 2ND handymen to build Khufu's pyramid.
Holt McDougal World History: Ancient Civilizations; hmhsocialstudies.com; Dr. Stanley M. Burstein and Dr. Richard Shek; Houghton Miffl in Harcourt Publishing Company;Orlando, Florida; Copyright 2012

Mr. Nicky's "King Tut" rap; YouTube; Mr. Nicky and Maroon 5; Mendenhall Middle School; Liverpool California; Copyright 2012
Upper Egypt had a white crown and lower Egypt had a red crown. The kings with both crowns ruled all.
According to Mr. Nicky's king tut rap scribes were the main ones to use papyrus as paper.
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