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Animal Testing Outline

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Annie Wild

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Animal Testing Outline

Animal Testing
Annie Wild
Humans are subjecting millions of animals to lives of misery for no reason. These animals are being tortured and killed, despite the fact that the use of animal testing can be replaced with other methods (info. coming). Animals have done nothing to deserve inhumane treatment such as this, and humans cannot continue to shamelessly approach living creatures in this manner.
Opposing View
It has prevented human diseases historically (info. coming)
By testing one rodent and one non-rodent species, scientists can prevent seven of ten toxic reactions in humans
About 350 human diseases have an animal counterpart
I. Introduction
Over one million animals are killed every year in testing drugs, chemicals, food, and cosmetic and household items. People often disregard animal testing and let it happen because they believe it is necessary for medical advances. The truth is that a good number of experiments don't actually result in medical improvement, and animal experimentation isn't always as necessary as companies may lead consumers to believe.
The Process
All test animals are isolated from each other and kept in cages
For testing purposes, animals may be blinded, poisoned, forced to inhale toxic fumes, have their skin burned off, have their spinal cords crushed, or have holes drilled into the skull (depends on the animal)
Animals are killed at the end of each test
1.04 million (estimated) animals were used as test subjects in 2013
Around 100 million mice and rats were tested as well
More than 99 percent of animals used as test subjects (mice, rats, birds, and cold-blooded animals) aren't counted by the Animal Welfare Act
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