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Prove It! (Using Textual Evidence)

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Alex Shaw

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Prove It! (Using Textual Evidence)

Prove It!
(Using Textual Evidence)

What is textual evidence?
Evidence from what you read to back up what you are trying to say
Your own thoughts won't get you very far...
Use this method when citing textual evidence.

Tim and Bobby were hot and sweaty as they sat outside the principal's office. Dirt was smeared on both of their faces, and they could hear their teacher's voice as sh told the principal what happened on the playground. Tim sneered at Bobby, and Bobby returned the angry glare.
What kind of information can you use?
Explicit Information
: information that is obvious in a text. You don't have to guess about it.

Implicit Information
: information that you must infer from explicit information

Tim and Bobby got into a fight on the playground
Evidence #1
They are sitting outside the principal's office

Analysis- Most kids who are sitting outside of the principal's office have done something wrong. Therefore, they must have done something wrong.
Evidence #2
Tim is sneering at Bobby.

Analysis- A sneer is a mean way to look at someone. Therefore, Tim must be angry at Bobby.
Evidence #3
Bobby is also glaring at Tim.

Analysis- If they are both angry and in trouble, they must have gotten into it on the playground.
ntroduce your quotation
DON'T: "The girl had a bad dream"
According to the narrator,
"the girl had a bad dream."
ite your source
According to the narrator,
"the girl had a bad dream"
(Smith, 9).
According to the narrator,
"the girl had a bad dream."
xplain your quotation
Tell your reader why this quote is important to your main idea.
According to the narrator,
"the girl had a bad dream"
(Smith, 9)
This might be why the character is having so much trouble sleeping. Her bad dream might be caused from the stress she is under.
What should you cite?
A word for word quote
A paraphrase
Tables, figures, maps, statistics
Any internet sources
Evidence-Based Sentence Starters:
According to the text...
The author/narrator says...
This is evident because...
One example that proves this is...
This proves... because...
For example...
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