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Advantages and disadvantages of technological advances:

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Camila Vallejo Ospina

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of technological advances:

Advantages and disadvantages of technological advances:

Rapid technological advances, overwhelm us in our daily lives and are needed at school, at work and in any place that we find have many advantages and disadvantages.

-not all people can have access to advanced surgeries
-destruction of flora and fauna by contrition of hydroelectric dams
-decrease of human labor
-dangers on the internet
-excessive use
-loss of social integration
We must take advantage of these technological avannces and sepals handle appropriately.
-different options to communicate from anywhere in the world.
-higher image quality and speed
-information fast
-distance education
-best hope for life by medical advances
-free online games
and many more advantages provide us with these technological advances.

Camila Vallejo Ospina 10-A

When we give a good use for this technology the possibilities of danger diminished, control us and not let us catch it since doing so we lose our reason for being original.
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