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No description

Fah Anudit

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of BIOFUELS

About Biofuel
Higher number of people using biofuel
Quality & Improvement
Fuels from plants, and animal fat
Ethanol -Corn, Sugarcane
Biodiesel - vegetables oil,
liquid animals fat
Less emission of greenhouse gas
non toxic, from natural resources
People concern about environment issues

Flex-Fuel Vehicle
70 % of new cars
The improvement of biofuel
Many people think..
Growth of biofuel
Biofuel can replace all gasoline
Can replace in 25 years
High quality of biofuel
High number of octane
Totally disaster
Harmful to environment
Effect to human
Does not cause global warming
Separate crops of food & biofuel
Burn OR Protect
Lower price of fuel in long term
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