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NIRSA Championship Series

No description

Scott Flickinger

on 4 June 2018

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Transcript of NIRSA Championship Series

Identify positive attributes to structure of the NCS as reported by those taking survey/phone interview
Identify areas in the structure of the NCS that need potential improvement/change as reported by those taking survey/phone interview
Hold a discussion regarding potential changes/improvements that will benefit the structure and functiomn of the Championship Series
When It All Breaks Down
There is a lack of communication, or no communication at all
Workteams cannot find information, nor know where to start to obtain information
Objectives are vague, or have no pertinence to the workteam
There is distrust from workteam members and NIRSA membership
Positive Points
People want to give back to NIRSA
There is enjoyment in collaborating with colleagues
Chairs enjoy seeing what is going on behind the scenes and seeing a lasting impact of their work
Points of Improvement

Refer to one page report for points
Additional Thoughts?
Other issues that we may be overlooking with our current structure?
When It All Goes Well
Communication is abundant and clear
Workteam members know where to find information
Workteam members and chairs know who to contact for information and clarity
Workteams can identify clear objectives that pertain to area
There is trust from all members of the Championship Series

How are the major points listed affecting the overall structure of the Series?

If changes suggested are indeed made, how does this affect the overall structure moving forward?

Are there enough additional and distinct items that require a separate workteam?
NIRSA Championship Series
Current Structure Presentation
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