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Copy of


Erin Anderson

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of

Day Plan
My 30
Making this transition seamlessly
AC's are already trained on the dialer. They would just need training on how to transfer the student.
“Life is like riding a bicycle.

What is the main goal?
to keep your balance, you must keep moving”
Albert Enstein
Keeping ideas in motion!
What is something that you would measure?
Utilize the Dialer
Get as many FAFSA's completed as possible
Keep Better Tracking
Get to know the team!!!
Get myself organized!
Identify a coaching and development plan for each individual.
Fill rollover position & train replacement on process
We can stop running away from what we don't understand.
Dependency Issues, Taxes, Legal Guardianship, Other Untaxed Income, Household Size, etc....
And start using the FP chat
room to climb!
Because the more you understand the less you fear.
"A high performing team"
"Planners not reaching goals"
"Errors in reporting & ISIR's"
How can we measure productivity, accuracy, & realistic goals without definitive reports?
Missed WT's
Keeping the Order
Inconsistent interaction with students
We can schedule meetings, breaks, & lunches accordingly for an uninterrupted service level.
Obtaining a DNIS #, setting Jr. Planners up, training them, AC's, & us on all of it, can be done in less than one week.
Fewer missed WT's = Getting more completed FAFSA's = Getting more FAA's = Getting more packaged students!
Manage call routing
Solve reporting & customer service issues with availability.
Allow us to set measurable achievable goals
Manage productivity
LYNC or SKYPE group for Financial Planners to ask questions
Questions get immediate answers
Less mistakes on ISIR's
Learning opportunity for all financial planners
Take care of any lingering work I have
Meet with peers & determine best practices
Final thought:
"The best way to predict your future is to create it."
Abraham Lincoln
Taking Action!
Brainstorm for interviews & hiring.
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