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English -Scarlet Letter

A presentation describing the settings and conflicts in Nathaniel Hawthorne's, the Scarlet Letter.

Alina Scott

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of English -Scarlet Letter

What is Setting? Conflict Setting. Setting & Conflict Notes Do you know how much time passes between the 1st and last scaffold scene?.. 7yrs America England Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr The Netherlands (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr +the time period
and location in which
this novel takes place Place: Boston, Massachusetts Time Period: Middle of the 17th Century Forest &
Hester's Cottage Town & Bellingham's Mansion Scaffold The setting of this
novel is critical to its plot! Boston in the 1690's was a Puritan village Like many other New England Puritan Settlements, the governments were theocracies a theocracy? a government where the
civil laws are based
on religious laws;leaders were
most likely church leaders. Did you know "NEVER" is the first word
Hester says in the novel? It is a struggle
between two forces,
but these forces can be either internal
(feelings) or
external (physical). What is a conflict? Hester vs the People *Though not a physical
brawl, the people still
have harsh feelings towards

Man vs. Man Dimmesdale vs. Himself Dimmesdale feels terrible inside.
His sin's guilt is burning him from within.
His guilt:
causes him to whip himself,
makes him keep his sin inside
hides his daughter's identity
leads to his death
Type of conflict:
man vs. Himself
Internal Dimmesdale vs.
Chillingworth Chillingworth dedicates 7years of
his life taking revenge on Dimmesdale
for he, as it turns out, was Hester's
External This one is argueable... Pearl vs. Herself
Pearl vs. A greater power. Though the author doesn't confirm,
he hints that Pearl is different. The reader
gets a clear dosage of that upon barely looking
at her.
We shall leave it to you to decide whether She is
"possessed" or whether she has split personalities.
Internal RESOLUTIONS!! Hester vs the People Instead of struggling
all her adult life,
The townsfolk
become "Hester fans" Dimmesdale dies, and within
the following year so does
Chillingworth, for he has nothing
else to live for. Dimmesdale vs Chillingworth Pearl vs Herself
or a Greater Power Pearl moves to England RICH!
The novel fails to mention to us
What happens to her after this. Dimmesdale dies on the scaffold,
a man free of guilt, and free
from his dreaded secret. Dimmesdale vs Himself The End... Wait! -Pictures! The END The Real End
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