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Decision-driven learning

No description

Steve Tucker

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Decision-driven learning

Senior Teaching Fellow
School of Medical Sciences
University of Aberdeen
The use of QuestionMark to deliver "decision-driven" learning

Dr. Steve Tucker
.......laboratory technique for detecting
one of the most commonly used laboratory techniques
uses antibodies, to specifically detect protein of interest
...who needs to know about Western blots
~40% of Medical Science students go on to do research
very strong possibility that they will encounter Western blots
Project design
Use of QuestionMarkPerception (online assessment tool)
The Decision Engine.........
How do we teach about Western blotting?
Lectures on theory
Some limited practical demonstrations
Clearly, practical "hands-on" experience is desirable

Not feasible.......
- cost
- large classes
- complex multistage technique
- time constraints
- technically challenging

To design an interactive tool to enrich student experience of Western blotting

To represent the protocol as a series of connected decisions each with consequences presented in the form of feedback

Projected outcomes:

Enhanced student understanding of this fundamental technique
Reinforcement of correct principles, avoidance of mistakes
Safe, low cost, interactive experience of Western blotting
QuestionMark Design:

Map WB protocol out as a series of decisions

Design this as a series of questions that lead student through the protocol

Answers to the questions will determine student progress through the experiment

Will also influence quality of result at the end of the experiment

Students learn interactively about practical aspects through this process
Flexible use:

Use in lectures/tutorials

Structure like a dry practical session

Embed in practical courses

Remote/online access

Assessment (formative/summative)
Feedback suggests UG and MSc students, their project supervisors and employers would like more emphasis on applied Western Blot experience
Drag and drop design:
adds interactivity
provides visual impact
enhances experience
creates novel bridge between PC and lab

This circuitry provides a progressive, reflective, experiential learning of the process
Each decision point was transformed into a QuestionMark drag and drop question
Western blot protocol mapped out as a series of questions or decision points.
Does it work and do the students like it?
In conclusion:

The simulation was very well received by students and increased confidence with the protocol.

Provides experience of the decision driven process in a safe environment and enhances understanding.

Broadly applicable to any discipline with decision driven processes e.g. Law, Engineering, Business

Thanks for listening!

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