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Frog Haikus


Tripp Hutchinson

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Frog Haikus

By Tripp Hutchinson Frog Haikus I know a frog, Bill
He is from a place, Compton
He's a real cool dude Intro Bill the frog is green
He's as green as fresh cut grass
I'm glad i met him Imagery Bill can hop quite high
He can dunk on Blake Griffin
Soaring through the air Hyperbole Bill likes to smile
As he hops in the small pond
Splash! goes the water Personification Bill's tongue is real long
So long that its like a whip
Snatching flies in air Simile Bill sings like a boss
He's a modern day Elvis
Concert coming soon Metaphor T.V. is Bills life
Yep, where's Perry?, Agent P!
His favorite show Allusion Bills on a diet
He eats junk everyday
Yet he still lost weight Irony "Fresh cut grass" appeals to sight which is one of the 5 senses. Saying that "Bill can dunk on Blake Griffin" is exaggerating how high he can jump.
Smiling is a human trait which is an example of Personification. In the poem the length Bill's tongue is compared to a whip. In the poem Bill is compared to Elvis. The poem alludes to the T.V. show Phineas and Ferb. The fact that Bill eats junk food but still looses weight is irony. Symbolism Bill owns a big flag
This flag is red, white, and blue
A lot more than a flag The poem shows the symbolism of the American Flag. The End
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