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Red Cross

No description

Navjeet K

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Red Cross

~ In spring, 1885 Dr. George Sterling Ryerson founded Red Cross but it wasn't til 1896, the Red Cross, Canadian was officially founded by him
~ May 19,1909 the Red Cross society act was approved by the government with this movement the Canadian Red Cross became an independent charity and was no longer a part of the British organization
~ 1896-1913- They started small , only during war but soon Canada was at peace and there wasn't much to do
~ 1914-1918-World War, major point they helped and grown rapidly and soon was at peace again
~ 1914-1939-Interwar Years- They accomplished a lot and felt great once the peacetime came
~ 1996- They celebrated their 100th birthday
~ 2015- The Canadian Red Cross is one of the biggest organizations in Canada
REd Cross
By: Navjeet, April, Sargam, Shareen, Mariah and Tanisha
What is the red cross organization?
The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is one of the most active charity organizations in Canada
The purpose of the Canadian Red Cross is to provide emergence assistance and health care to people around the world
Canada's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people preparing them for action services and relief to those around the globe
The Red Cross provides any individuals to help\volunteer communicate in interpersonal relationships , help during a major incident , gives others in need access to food, clean water, shelter and any other items they need to be secure\safe
Issues that the red cross organization is involved in.
Ebola- Ebola is deadly disease that kills 25%-90% of the victims depending on the damage of the virus. It has affected places in West Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and at the moment, there is no cure. The Canadian Red Cross is helping by providing access to medical treatments to those who have caught the virus. They're also trying to raise awareness to prevent the Ebola disease. The Red Cross is providing mental counseling to those impacted such as families & communities and they are sending specialists and workers that are helping the International Federation of Red Cross.

What is the Red Cross doing to help the refugees in Syria?
Nepal - On April 25, 2015 a big earthquake had hit Kathmandu, Nepal and over 8800 people died and 2300 people were injured. So, The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) decided to help them by providing them food, shelter, and water. Then on May 12, Red Cross was providing health survives to two different locations. They had started to give these needs right after the earthquake happened.
What red cross is doing to
help the refugees from syria
Taking them to a safer neighbouring country mostly Turkey
Health support
Disease prevention
Distributing food
Restoring and repairing water supplies
Reinforcing medical services
Syria Crisis
The Syria crisis has been going on for four\five years now. {2011-2015} Half of the country's population is in need or relying on humanitarians assistance. 4 million people have transferred to neighbouring country's and 8 million have been displaced in Syria. Many have little amount of clothing and are living in garbages, shift shelters, tents and\or unfinished buildings. Tons of people are getting killed from this civil war. Currently, in Erbil, Iraq there are over 82,000 Syrian refugees scattered across the city. This war isn't only in Syria, it has spread into neighbouring countries as well. A few of those families have found a rental room. So, when we, Canadians donate to Red Cross we are helping Syrians and others live safely.

~ Children need psychological help because they experienced a lot of trauma
~ The children in the city will loose their connections with Syria
ex. A refugee from Syria named Sara is concerned and this is what she said,
“We are adults but there are many children needing psychological support as they experienced a lot of trauma. They need to be able to express what they feel.”
~ Some people may agree or be paralyzed by what they are doing and join them to kill others
~ The economy isn't stable any more, the poverty rate is more than doubled and they will need $1.4 BILLION to re-stabilize their economy
~ Families are now constantly moving in search for a safe place to stay because they need access to food, water and medical needs

The civil war has caused many children and adults to view horrible violence
This brutal war starting since Bashar al-Assad government, rebel forces want him not to be president
His, Basher's team is using horrible weapons against citizens for about 5 years killing innocent people
Also IS a group is also causing great danger in Syria with their extremist beliefs and basically controlling half of the country
They are causing a shortage of water and food so citizens aren't surviving in this way as well
Red Cross may not be able to stop the civil war or IS but they can help the citizens there. By giving water, food, health care, shelter and much more. The Red Cross has helped many Syrian refugees live better even with the war still going on. They have given health support, shelter, food and water since, they have been ruining water supplies. So, when we donate we help Red Cross purchase food and water for those in need.
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