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Does Gender affect Memory?

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Kathleen Steeves

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Does Gender affect Memory?

Does Gender affect Memory?
The Details

This experiment was done on 10 students (5 girls, 5 boys) to test their short term memory abilities. The focus is exploring the possibilities of gender differences in short term memory.

What is..
Short Term Memory:
One's ability to remember something that just happened or happened recently and is retained for a short period of time.

Long Term Memory:
Consists of remembrance of things that happened throughout our lives from birth to the present.

The female subjects will score better than the male subjects on the short term memory test.
The Results
To be fair,
Tested 5
from grades 9 through 12
Tested 5
from grades 9 through 12
All students had the same test and the same amount of time to remember each card.

Was my Hypothesis correct?
Yes, the girls scored 4.2% higher. Therefore the female students have better skills in short term memory testing.

Did some words occur incorrect more than once?
Two boys and one girl forgot the word
(Forgotten 3x)
Two boys forgot the word
(Forgotten 2x)
Two girls forgot the word
(Forgotten 2x)
The Procedure..
1. Create 4 groups of cards including: Words, Numbers, Colors and Pictures.

2. Explain the rules to the student.

3. Place 1 group of cards onto a desk and give them 15 seconds to remember everything they can.

4. After 15 seconds, hand the student a piece of paper where they will record what they remember. Do this with all 4 groups of cards.
The Girls..
Rebeca: 24/24 100%
Christina: 22/24 92%
Lauryn: 19/24 79%
Katie: 21/24 88%
Chelsie: 24/24 100%

Average Score: 91.8%
The Boys..
Moe: 23/ 24 96%
Dylan: 20/24 83%
Aaron: 17/24 71%
Jeremie: 21/24 88%
Scott: 24/24 100%

Average Score: 87.6%
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