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Knowledge Capture and Retrieval in Project-Based Organizations

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Ibrahim Falqi

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of Knowledge Capture and Retrieval in Project-Based Organizations

Knowledge Capture and Retrieval in Project-based Organizations
Drivers for KM in
Project-based Organizations
The Framework
Knowledge is the only meaningful resource today
In the global economy, knowledge may be a company's greatest competitive advantage”.
Davenport & Prusak 1997

knowledge is the primary and most important resource of the firm
Grant 1996
The Value of Project Knowledge

Similar Processes
Project Review
for KM
Research Design
Ibrahim I Falqi
Lose of project knowledge
(Fruchter 2002, Kamara et al. 2003)
Absence of relevant people
(Orange et al. 1999, Kasvi et al. 2003)
Format of Project Review

(CIOB 1998)
Popularity and effectiveness of KM techniques and tools
Survey results (Current Practice)
Best Practice
Social activities
“… if only we knew what we know, we would be three times more profitable”
Usually attributed to Lew Platt,
former CEO of Hewlett Packard
The 4th Project Management Conference,
Marriott Hotel, Riyadh. 28-29 April 2015
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