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What did I do after graduation?

Most of time, like other ghosts, I write or play with pipetman. Sometimes I falls asleep, especially when the weather is nice.

Kelly Lin

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of What did I do after graduation?

What did I do after graduation ? It's a story about a ghost who just starts her new life...and a ghost you never know... Packing... STAGE 1 Moving... Say goodbye to North Carolina... Say Hello to California... STAGE 2 Find a place to live... All kinds of roommates online.... Craiglist saves my life... Try to understand what this means in the posts... STAGE 3 get lost at UCSD get lost in La Jolla EVEN get lost in UTC.... get lost everywhere... STAGE 4 Culture shock Homesick Make new friends and...get used to...
Gosh...I have not talked about ghost life yet...
(to be continued...) Military Woman said she could
kick out her previous roommate
in 5 minutes... French roommate who wants
to become a model...
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